Fiinovation Blood Donation Drive – The Success Story

Fiinovation in association with Lions Blood Bank successfully organized a blood donation drive on 27th September, 2013 which was a part of the series of event planned by Fiinovation for its 5th Foundation Day on 29th September, 2013. An overwhelming response to the noble cause was observed as people turned out in good numbers to donate blood. Donations from members of various organizations in and around Okhla Phase – 3 made the day a great success.

The first donation was made by none other than the CEO of Fiinovation, Mr. S. Chakraborty after which 92 donations were done among 107 registrations. There were 14 people who were physically not fit to donate blood, but their willingness to donate was commendable. There was voluntary participation from all the team members and it was also first time experience for some of the members of team Fiinovation. The donors were first examined by qualified doctors to ensure the donors are eligible for donations. The drive went on smoothly and there was no mishap during the donation drive.

The donors were provided with blood donation gift hampers and refreshments after the donations. The donors also received gift hampers and blood donor card from Lions Blood Bank.

“The Lions Blood Bank members were very happy looking at the overwhelming response of the drive” said a Fiinovation team member.

“We expected 75 donations but there were 93 donations, we are very thankful to everyone who participated in the noble endeavour. Fiinovation feels proud to be associated with Lions Blood Bank” he added.

After the success of the event Fiinovation plans to organize a blood donation drive every six months, and not just make this a onetime event.

Blood donation from voluntary non-remunerated blood donors is essential for safe and sufficient blood supply in the country. There is an increasing need of blood from voluntary blood donors and everyone in this country should come forward for this noble cause. 

Blood cannot be manufactured in factories, it can only come from generous donors.

Blood cannot be manufactured in factories, it can only come from generous donors.


5 thoughts on “Fiinovation Blood Donation Drive – The Success Story

  1. Suhail Haque says:

    It felt nice to donate blood after a long time. Contribution, support and eagerness from all the colleagues made the effort more sweet and memorable.


  2. I was equally enthusiast to be a first time blood donor…but overwhelmed after donating my blood for a noble endeavor.Three cheers for my team members all departments and the volunteers for showing their such a positive response and take this initiative to a greater heights.


  3. Ujjwal says:

    A special thanks to 107 voluntary donors who participated to make this noble cause a success. However there were only 93 donations but as mentioned the willingness to participate deserves a special note of thanks. Participating in such a noble cause is always satisfactory and hence we would be looking forward to organize more such events in future.


  4. Overwhelming response indeed. It really felt good to see the neighboring offices participating with the same enthusiasm as us. Looking forward to many more noble endeavors from the organization.


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