UNESCO World Teachers’ Day 2013

The world needs a huge number of teachers to provide quality education in this world. Teachers’ professional knowledge and skills are the most important factor for quality education. By 2015, 5.4 million teachers are required including 1.58 new posts and 3.66 million replacements to achieve Universal Primary Education.

World Teachers’ Day is observed every year on 5th October is observed in more than 100 countries. The needs of the future generations can only be met by teachers for that there is a need to mobilize support for teachers. It is a day to appreciate, create awareness, understanding the vital contribution that teachers make the field of education and development.

57 million children of primary school age currently out of school, 54 percent of them are girls. Annual teacher gap in Nigeria could be closed by recruiting the equivalent of 1.2% of the population aged 20 years, 0.5% for the United States and 1% for China. India’s 1.5 million village schools are 90% state-run, unionized to the teeth, and handle 220 million children.

This year’s slogan is “A Call for Teachers!”. To achieve education for all it is necessary to call for teachers, as they are the most powerful force for quality and access to education. This year’s International Peace Day had the slogan “Education for Peace”. There is no stronger foundation of lasting peace and sustainable development.

Why a call for teachers?

There is a huge shortage of professional, well-trained and well-supported teachers to achieve better quality education. The challenge of recruiting teachers does not lie just in the numbers, but in the provision of quality teachers. Far too often teachers remain under-qualified, poorly paid and with low status.

At UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, the focus of the 2013 World Teachers’ Day celebration on 4 October will be on tackling the teacher gap, barriers to better quality education and teachers’ role in developing globally-minded citizens.

Partners are also urged to organize events around the world in order to make the day a truly international celebration.


" A Call for Teachers ! "

” A Call for Teachers ! “


7 thoughts on “UNESCO World Teachers’ Day 2013

  1. To begin with to appreciate the education scenario in India and the difficulties in imparting education, it is important to begin with some key statistics. About 80% of all schools in India are government schools; on an average about 95% of the schools have less than 10 teachers with enrollment rates in private schools being roughly half (~43%) that of government schools.There is a huge shortage of professional, well-trained and well-supported teachers to achieve better quality education and not the quantity that they cater across all global barrier.


  2. Kaif Siddiqui says:

    As we know Teachers play a very important role in every ones life just like our Guardians. So lets celebrate this Teachers Day and give Honor and Respect to all our Teachers. Happy Teachers’ Day


  3. Ujjwal says:

    When we talk about filling teacher’s gap it is equally important that we need to consider the quality of Teachers. A teacher influences most to any student and is often an ideal for an individual. So it has to be considered that any individual given a responsibility of a teacher is also assessed on the basis of his moral and values and not only on the basis of his qualifications.


  4. Pankaj Bhardwaj says:

    Teachers are the backbone of the society crafting the young citizens to become the perfect citizens .I pay tribute to all teachers who are not having an easy life…


  5. Manjit says:

    This is the right moment to insist that the training and support of the next generation of teachers must include preparation for including children with disabilities in the regular classroom.
    This is their RIGHT under Article 24 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to which 134 governments are committed in international law.


  6. Iffat Anjum says:

    The two things that is targeted are filling teachers gap and that should be qualitative and the second thing is enrollment of children.But the statement “3.66 million replacements to achieve Universal Primary Education” in the blog needs to be rationalized because if we are going to replace the teachers because of the quality then resettlement will be the issue.The other way out can be training the existing teachers present in the schools with quality education as teachers are the role model in every society and most respected personalities in the society. Also,internationally celebrating teachers day will give more worth and value to the teachers.


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