World Diabetes Day, 2013 – Fiinovation

As the deadly disease continue to impact million lives around the world, it has now become one of the biggest health challenges of the 21st century. Approximately 4 million people die because of this disease and millions other suffer life threatening complications due to this disease. This disease has now taken shape of a societal catastrophe, as it continues to put huge amount of pressure on the middle class and lower middle class, by pushing them towards poverty due to lower family incomes and huge healthcare costs.

Fiinovation is concerned about the disease impacting the lives of children and the youth which sometimes don’t even get diagnosed. This deadly disease impacts productivity and human development and is also cause of disability. The number of diabetic people around the world is expected keep rising from 366 million in 2011 and will reach up to 552 million by the end of 2030. The challenges in front of the health sector lies in managing the costs involved and stopping the rising new cases. The United Nations have already accomplished diabetes and other non-communicable diseases as a global agenda. The fact remains that diabetes is common, chronic and costly.

How do you tackle this disease? In order to save lives Fiinovation suggests that early diagnosis, ensuring treatments that are cost effective and educating people about the disease are some measures that will help save lives of millions. Government should also come up with policies and market interventions to promote healthy living and increase nutrition in the society. Discrimination against people who are diabetic should be stopped by awareness and campaigns. There should be national policies to increase the reach of preventive measures and improve healthcare. Diabetes is not just a health issue but Fiinovation believes it has lot to do with development sector as whole. A lot of health indicators can be improved by keeping a check on diabetes. Also poverty eradication and gender equality can be impacted by stimulating progress on keeping diabetes on check. Everything is inter-related nowadays, over-nutrition and physical inactivity does impact climate change. Reducing car dependency, local food production and consumption can involve people in physical activity and also reduce dependence on non-renewable energy and increase local employment.

People who are diabetic have to balance their daily needs like food, physical activity and medicines. Focus should remain on educating people about what to do and what not to do. Society plays an important role in determining how we live, work, consume and do business. Together we can tackle this deadly disease and save million lives.

As the deadly disease continue to impact million lives around the world, it has now become one of the biggest health challenges of the 21st century.

As the deadly disease continue to impact million lives around the world, it has now become one of the biggest health challenges of the 21st century.


17 thoughts on “World Diabetes Day, 2013 – Fiinovation

  1. gauravhrb says:

    Early diagnosis and healthy lifestyle could help fight the spread of diabetes. Also awareness should be spread to fight back against this problem.


  2. Rahul Choudhury says:

    Everything is inter-related as mentioned in the article. Diabetes will hamper productivity, increase poverty, impact climate change. Government and Private Organizations should ensure the reach of healthcare is increased in the country. Like Obamacare even our country needs policy to improve the health of the country. India lags behind in all the health indicators. We have only eradicated polio but there are alot of things that we need to work on. The Millennium development goals will not be achieved that’s for sure but we should keep working towards a better future.


  3. Ujjwal says:

    Diabetes is a lifestyle disease. Precaution and healthy lifestyle should be promoted across the nation to overcome with this deadly disease.


  4. Pankaj Bhardwaj says:

    world diabetes day represents the interests of the growing number of people, that’s why International diabetes federation establishment takes place which aims to influence policy, increase public awareness and encourage health improvement and provide education for people with diabetes and healthcare providers.


  5. Sumeet says:

    A person with diabetes needs to take special care of its health because diabetes is one disease which brings BP, eye and heart problems along with it. Families having medical history of diabetes should take special precautions.


  6. nilendri says:

    There are two components – Healthy Mind & Healthy Body
    Even if body is affected , it essential the mind remains strong. By taking care of one’s life style Diabetes can be controlled. Also proper care of eyes, limbs and blood pressure monitoring is essential.


  7. Vipra Verma says:

    It is due to the changing life style and reduced physical work out. One need to keep a check on their diet plan to have a healthy life!!


  8. sheetal says:

    In 2012 International Diabetes Federation, statistics told that there are nearly 50 million diabetics in India. As the incidence of diabetes is on the rise, and is moving to very crucial stage where it is assumed that India soon will be the’ Diabetic Capital of the World’. Awareness on the part of people and administration about diabetes is very essential, adding that people should be made aware and educated about their health and fitness level to reduce the number of patients in India.


  9. Pollution and increasing population are a couple of causes which restrict people from commuting the old fashioned way. Exercising and walking are the two ways to reduce the risk of diabetes.


  10. Abira says:

    There are various herbal remedies prescribed towards solving diabetes. Regular exercise, especially morning walks for about an hour. Bitter gourd, Gourd, neem leaves, powered seeds of Syzygium cumini fruits and fenugreek seeds in the diet keeps the sugar level in the blood low.


  11. Suhail Haque says:

    It is a lifestyle disease but what about the children who suffer from it at the age of 3-4? Eating outside is also one of the main reason, especially the tea vendors who put sugar in tea as if it come for free. We should do more physical exercise anyway whether one is suffering from diabetes or not.


  12. Lipika Singh says:

    another thing which is a major cause of diabetes among the youth today is the stressful atmosphere one lives in . Increased work hours and a hectic lifestyle not only disturbs the food pattern but also leaves people with little time to exercise , which can prevent a lot of diseases , caused by other unhealthy habits , which in turn leads to a chronic metabolic disorder , hence diabetes


  13. Jasleen Gandhi says:

    As a responsible adult it is very important to do our best to evade diabetes , as the nature of this disease is such that in most cases it gets passed over to the coming generations . In the longer run, it has the ability to corrupt the whole gene-pool


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