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For those who have access to Sanitation facilities it’s hard to believe how difficult it is to lead a life without proper sanitation facilities. It is hard to believe that 2.5 billion people in the world don’t have clean toilets for themselves. Approximately 1.1 billion of them defecate in the open. It has been an issue that has come to forefront in the recent years and politicians have started expressing their views in public. Some leaders have blamed the Indian Railways and said that it’s the world’s largest open toilet. Some leaders have said that in India it is important to built toilets than building temples. Fiinovation believes proper sanitation facility is a human right and people should not wait for it.

In the year 2001 World Toilet Organization declared that every year 19th November will be celebrated as World Toilet Day. Every year an annual summit is being held in partnership with the host government. The summit has been already organized in India. The inaugural year of the summit was 2001 and it was held in Singapore.

The summit helps create awareness about sanitation issues. It also brings out the consequences of poor sanitation facilities. Inadequate sanitation facilities are also a security issue especially for women. Women and girls across the globe feel embarrassed to go in the open and have to wait till night to defecate. There is greater chance of physical attack or sexual violence at night. Having toilets nearby their homes, gives women a sense of security. And every government and society should take responsible steps to improve the sanitation facility.

The government of India has been implementing a comprehensive programme to eradicate the practice of open defecation in India. The government of India understands that health and hygiene has direct relationship between availability of adequate water and sanitation facilities. The Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan by the ministry of water and sanitation, government of India aims to improve the standard of living of the people of the rural areas and provide them with privacy and dignity to women.

Taking notes from the government initiatives, Fiinovation in its social development concepts incorporates activities that involve creating awareness among local communities. Fiinovation understand the need of having adequate sanitation facilities to address the health and environmental issues in rural areas. Local communities don’t understand the need of building toilets, they generally believe investing in building a toilet is waste of money. Fiinovation in association with NGOs organize community sensitization sessions where the local communities are made aware about the benefits of having toilets.

Fiinovation urges the people to enhance water management and end open air defecation.

Sanitation to all

Sanitation to all

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7 thoughts on “World Toilet Day – Fiinovation

  1. nilendri says:

    Even today there are many parts in our country where building a toilet is not a priority. Despite numerous programs and schemes it remains an unaddressed issue. It brings shame upon us when foreign nationals comment on the filth and un-kept railway tracks. High time rules are in place and strict adherence to the same happens.


  2. Anand Kumar says:

    How ironically it is that Of the world’s 7 billion people, 6 billion have mobile phones but only 4.5 billion have access to toilets….so sanitation for all is need of the hour…!!!


  3. Rahul Choudhury says:

    World Bank says 53% of the Indian Population defecate in the open. We have long way to go improve to the sanitation facilities in India. Availability of water is also a problem and many toilets in the villages are used as store house because of lack of availibility of water. Local communities need to realize that toilets means safety for women.


  4. Sumeet says:

    All the organizations are working towards WASH program. It is also our duty to help them achieve it and give safe sanitation facilities to all.


  5. gauravhrb says:

    Toilets are the basic necessities of human settlement. There should be a comprehensive plans for the toilet facility along with Indira Gandhi Awas Yojna.


  6. Arunima says:

    To make an immediate effect on improved access to sanitation facilities the need of the hour is to sensitize and introduce School WASH ( Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) programme in government and private schools in rural India. Such programme will enhance access to skills and knowledge to target groups like students, teachers and community leaders who can act as social change agent to promote a healthy and positive environment within the community.


  7. Construction of toilets will have an impact only after the target population is also trained to use it. Majority of unused toilets are in the present condition, not because of want of infrastructural capital, rather, they face such isolation due to the reluctance of people. Advocacy programs along with the construction of toilets is also necessary.


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