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Life would have been much easier if we could only point fingers at others and not admit that we are also a major part of the problem of food wastage. We can blame food wastage on the food processing industry or the agricultural sector, but we the consumers are also a part of the problem. Food wastage is an environmental cost that not only impacts the present generation but the future generations will also have to suffer due to this. Approximately, 750 billion US dollars is the estimated cost of wasted food in this world, which is 6 times the amount spent on development aid around the world. It is criminal to waste food when every day 870 million go to bed hungry.

This year the World Environment Day theme was Think, Eat and Save: Reduce your FoodPrint. Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt.Ltd is observing its environment fortnight and raising awareness about food wastage. Food wastage not only impacts the food supply but also impact the water supply as food production involves unsustainable use of water. As approximately 98% of the world’s hungry lives in the developing countries there is a need to empower people with sufficient amount of food. With this objective in mind emerging nations like India is taking up initiatives like Right to Food that will provide security of food to approximately 67% of the population.

It is estimated that about one third of the food produced around the world is either wasted or lost. The food that is kept uselessly around the world can take up as much as half the size of United States. The current world population is more than 7 billion that is expected to grow up to 9 billion by the 2050, food wastage impacts us economically, environmentally and ethically. Food production involves 25% of all habitable land, consumes 75% of fresh water, is responsible for 80% of deforestation and emits 30% of greenhouse gases.

Taking note of the various food facts, Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt.Ltd suggests that we should involve ourselves in consumption of foods that have less environmental impacts. Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt.Ltd designs innovative concepts that involve climate smart agriculture to help reduce environmental impacts. Choosing organic foods is an effective way that consumers can involve themselves to contribute towards this cause. Locally grown food should be chosen to be eaten by consumers as they will limit emissions. Food that is wasted and not eaten gets decomposed in landfills emitting greenhouse gases.

This campaign against food wastage can only be successful if the developed nations become taking it seriously. Every individual has to contribute from their part and THINK about their consumption patterns, take that much to EAT what we require, and SAVE food. If we can reduce the foodprint we can put less pressure on the resources of the planet. We need to find effective ways to maximize the food resources of the world. We need to incorporate sustainable food systems by producing nutritious diets for the people of the world keeping in mind the sustainability factor. Waste products like manure and food scraps should be turned into valuable fertilizers or energy that will help sustainability. The food processing industry and the hospitality sector should take more responsibility towards this initiative. With all these effective measures the world will become food secure and enable environmental sustainability.

The revolution of consciousness is connected to the food revolution.

Rahul Choudhury

Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt.Ltd

Think! Eat! Save!

Think! Eat! Save!


10 thoughts on “Standing Up Against Food Wastage – Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt.Ltd

  1. Anand Kumar says:

    In recent times food waste not only remain an environmental issue but also becoming a political debate. Food waste is been inserted as a new member in the climate change.

    All we need is to think and be mindful of our food consumption patterns, save food especially in the developed and developing countries. If we can reduce our foodprint we can reduce humanity impact on our planet.


  2. Rahul Choudhury says:

    After the failure of green revolution and the success of white revolution the country needs food revolution to make the country food secure…


  3. Arunima says:

    Today, we are enjoying the fruits of our labor, but at the same time our insensitive behavior towards our ecosystem, environment and misuse of resources will bear bitter fruits for our future generation. Our enjoyment will become tomorrow’s crisis for survival, thus we must take immediate and decisive actions for improving the current conditions on our environment.


  4. Jasleen Gandhi says:

    We talk about preserving our resources for a better tomorrow , so that the coming generations does not have to pay for the mistakes we made. Shouldn’t the same go for food . One cannot build a nation with a hungry stomach


  5. Ujjwal says:

    The day will arrive soon when there will be crisis for food. We need to take important steps in this regard. The generations coming cant be left to face crisis of food and survival.


  6. Govind says:

    Everyone needs to contribute from their part and THINK about their eating patterns, take that much to EAT what we require, and SAVE food.


  7. Manish says:

    Lack of infrastructure is one of major reasons of food wastage in India… The government should build more storage facilities specially in rural areas…


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