World AIDS Day – Fiinovation

“Give a child love, laughter and peace, not AIDS” – Nelson Mandela

HIV/AIDS is the one of most deadly pandemic in the world that has killed more than 36 million people between 1981 and 2009. The region which is most affected by this disease is Sub-Saharan Africa with 1 out of 20 adults living their life with HIV. The disease was first discovered in United States of America and by far it remains the most destructive epidemics in recorded history. Approximately 35 million people were living with HIV in the year 2012.

Since 1988 every year December 1st is observed as World AIDS Day. Since 2011 the theme is Getting to Zero (Zero new Infections, Zero Discrimination, Zero AIDS-related deaths). Fiinovation along with its NGO partners create awareness about HIV/AIDS among local communities across India. Fiinovation is its projects incorporates community sensitization sessions, where attendees are made aware, that it takes 2 to 15 years to develop a HIV infection, which depends on individuals. Fiinovation is dedicated towards completion of the millennium development goals.

HIV infection is generally diagnosed detecting HIV anti-bodies by blood tests. In the initial days of infection people are unaware and they become sick because of influenza or fever or headache or sore throat etc. There are a lot of myths that prevail and it is very important that the local communities are made aware of these. Fiinovation spreads awareness among local people so that they don’t discriminate among people. A person is not infected by contact such as touching, hugging, kissing, sharing water or food. The HIV infection is transmitted through body fluids from infected person such as blood, breast milk, semen and vaginal secretions.

The World Health Organization is focusing this year on the adolescents who continues to be vulnerable in-spite of so much efforts put by different organizations. WHO feels there is need to counsel and guide the adolescents living with HIV. This efforts are necessary in countries where is there is high prevalence of this epidemic.

Fiinovation believes that through prevention individuals can reduce their risk of getting infected. The various prevention measures are:

  • Condom Usage – Males and Females are advised to use condoms during vaginal or anal penetration.
  • ARV based prevention can reduce the risk of transmission by almost 96%.
  • Sterile Injecting equipments can help reduction especially for drug users.
  • Elimination of mother to child transmission of HIV.

With these efforts we can surely bring the infection level down to ZERO. 


Give a child love, laughter and peace, not AIDS.

Give a child love, laughter and peace, not AIDS.


16 thoughts on “World AIDS Day – Fiinovation

  1. Rahul Choudhury says:

    There are alot of myths and discrimination regarding this disease… Indians need to work really hard to zero down this development goal… Safe India Healthy India


  2. Pankaj Bhardwaj says:

    World aids day is important as it reminds us that HIV has not gone away there is still a need to increase awareness and education standard.


  3. Anand Kumar says:

    “Fighting AIDS in India” correctly identifies that we need different methods of educating different sections of the population. For example, posters and mass media were used to target the literate population, but a different approach was constituted to reach out to the most vulnerable segment of the population. A few small community based groups were constituted and they came up with innovative ideas for communicating with hard to reach groups. These included street plays, puppets, ‘AIDS game’ and ‘condom dip’, which proved very successful.
    Education does help…!!


  4. Ujjwal says:

    Awareness is the only way to counter the problem of the disease as it has got no cure. There are so many myths also prevalent that brings a discrimination for persons suffering from this disease. Hence an international day dedicated to spread awareness for HIV/ AIDS is really important and helpful.


  5. Arunima says:

    The immediate action should be to focus on the adolescents and youth who are vulnerable and at-risk living in under-developed regions. Therefore, their awareness and sensitization on health issues will have a positive effect on other sections of the society who may enter this vicious trap of taking away the precious life.


  6. Meryln Jones says:

    The LGBT community is vulnerable when it comes to AIDS. There is need to create more awareness in order to bring down the new infection rate to zero.


  7. Nikhil Agarwal says:

    India is a conservative society and we don’t like to talk about all this. We have make everyone more comfortable and open so that we can achieve the millennium development goal.


  8. Aakash Jain says:

    The ministry of health should do analysis of the situation that even after their efforts why is the situation so bad. What the things that are needed to be done and where are we going wrong?


  9. Ratilal Patel says:

    Advertisements play a crucial role in creating awareness, government should promote more and more AIDS awareness programs that will help in creating more awareness specially in the rural areas.


  10. Vikas Rai says:

    Deep-rooted stigma against AIDS and HIV-infected patients, especially within the medical community, makes the fight against the pandemic difficult. The middle class, by and large, has yet to acknowledge the danger posed by the virus.


  11. Dr.J.Fernandes says:

    Discussions about sex remain off limits in most Indian households and even in elite private schools in big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and many other metro cities.


  12. Dr. Rajesh Prasad says:

    There can be a vast strategy which can be implied which Include:
    1- Establishing a regulatory authority to ensure safe blood
    2- Extending outreach programs to migrants and truckers
    3- Increasing community care centers
    4- Training health personnel


  13. Debopam Mukherjee says:

    We live in a country which discriminates homosexuals.. regards it illegal.. Sad. We need support from all quarters, only a section cannot fight. Period


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