To Build a Nation that is Corruption Free – Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

“A man who has never gone to school may steal a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.” ― Theodore Roosevelt

Corruption is prevalent all over the world and is a social, political and economic complex trend. It slows the economic growth, leads to instability in the government and undermines democratic institutions. Corruption acts in distorting electoral process in a democratic setup, alters the rule of law and creates bureaucratic predicament that encourage bribes. It hampers economic development of a region as foreign investors hesitate in investing and small businesses dry up due to increased costs because of corruption. Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. believes corruption is an obstacle towards achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and needs to be taken into account in defining and implementing a vigorous post-2015 development plan.

In the year 2011, India saw an uprising to make the country corruption free. It all started on April 4th 2011 when protestors gathered at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi with an intention to bring a strong legislation and enforcement against perceived widespread political corruption. The anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare began fast unto death from 5th of April and the movement gain a stupendous momentum. It brought millions of people on to the street, from Delhi to Bangalore, Kolkata to Mumbai there were protests in 52 cities of the country. The movement was a Gandhian one and included marches, hunger strikes, civil disobedience. Social media played a crucial role in creating awareness and mobilizing people for the movement to sustain.

The government used all its tricks to stop the movement and Hazare was captured and sent to Tihar jail. When asked by a reporter as how can he continue the protest despite prohibitory orders by the government, he replied saying “how can the government stop anyone from protesting? The land is not their ‘father’s property’. The citizens are the masters of this country and the ministers are their servants”.

Several opposition political parties, BJP and CPM supported Hazare and urged the government to take his fast seriously. However, there was no result to the movement and the bill is yet to be passed by the government of India. The movement also saw emergence of Arvind Kejriwal a member of team Anna who was detained along with Anna Hazare. Arvind and Anna moved apart in 2012, the former went on to establish a political party named as Aam Admi Party while the latter continued the movement. The Aam Admi Party took the national capital by storm and shocked the nation by winning 28 seats out of 70 in the 2013 Delhi Assembly elections. The party also received majority of the vote share with more than 30% of the voters voting for them.

Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. believes that strong and effective measures are required to make the nation corruption free. Transparency and willingness to set an example in front of the world is necessary. Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. always strives towards providing greater transparency to all its associates.

Written By

Rahul Choudhury

Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd.



23 thoughts on “To Build a Nation that is Corruption Free – Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd.

  1. Rahul Choudhury says:

    The problem lies with individuals as well, if everyone agrees not to pay bribes then people who ask for it won’t get. However, everyone wants their work done fast and smooth so they tend to bribe others. People need to become a bit more strict in their approach. Also technology should be used to cut down corruption in this country.


  2. sonu says:

    No doubt in this corruption is a biggest problem to the country.
    Peoples are saying all the systems in India are corrupted. But i think Corruption. is not a single side process both the giver and the taker is reason of Corruption.
    So i think we are main reason of it, we all are corrupted. We are making corrupt to system. First of all we have to change our self, We have to aware and strict about it.

    But the most amazing thing is this, We know when we doing it, but after that we do it.


  3. Ujjwal says:

    Corruption is a problem that has gradually matured as in habit. Law can be made to punish the culprit but people should realize that they should not engage in any kind of corrupt practices. They should create awareness about the bureaucratic and political nexus and wipe out corruption from every level.


  4. Rahul Sharma says:

    Corruption is the mother of Jugaad… We tend to find a shortcut and indulge in corrupt practices… To make the country corruption free we have to keep a transparent mechanism.


  5. Mayank Rai says:

    Corruption is not only a monetary thing, if a person not working and getting paid which generally happens in PSUs that is also corruption.


  6. Ashish Singhal says:

    Most of the policies that are led by the government to eradicate poverty doesn’t reach the poor. Else the money is gone to the swiss bank account of many politicians. They should be shamed and sent to jail.


  7. Akhilesh Sharma says:

    India should pressure on the Swiss government and bring back the black money that could be used for development purpose. India would have been a developed state if money would have been utilised in a effective way.


  8. Soham Agarwal says:

    The former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi once had acknowledged that 10% of the fund reach the target beneficiary. This is the level of corruption in the country.


  9. kaif alam siddiqui says:

    we are the only reason for making the nation corrupted, its our country our nation and we are not following the system correctly, thatswhy the nation being corrupted. So, we have to improve ourself first and if each and every citizen atleast improve himself/herself then the whole nation will be corrupt free.


  10. Abira says:

    The results of AAP in the recent polls of Delhi show how just an agenda of corruption free nation can earn votes. Corruption has crept in every steps of lives from hiring auto in the morning to getting a legitimate job. Abolition of corruption is our responsibility. Each one of us should change. Hence the system will be corruption free and obviously our political leaders helping in proper utilization of funds for developmental purposes


  11. lipika singh says:

    Corruption in itself is a very vague term . It stems from so many levels that there is no set definition for it .Everything from jumping the ‘red light’ to missing a tax payment can lead to corruption.Hence, saying that we need to eradicate this evil from our culture should be the long-term goal but for now we need to concentrate on what are the quick and effective measures we can take in order to ensure that such malpractices don’t go UN-noticed to not reprimanded


  12. Anand Kumar says:

    The nation belongs to its youth. We are the makers of tomorrow. What we do today will reflect in the society tomorrow. To live in a society, that is corruption free, we need people with quality, of mind and thoughts. If those people come forward to build a strong nation, our dream of a corruption free society is never far away.


  13. Vikas Rai says:

    Corruption is a social cancer eating into our institutions of governance and that educated youth had major role to play in sensitizing the people about the ill-effects of corruption on the society and the individuals.The youth and the common people must strengthen their conscience and build centres of excellence around them which will help in curbing corruption


  14. Kuldeep Kaur says:

    Consider any segment or sector of our society. Be it education, health, politics, legal, media, economical, social, business, anything. You will find the dark marks of corruption everywhere. Education has become a money making business, where it has become a right of the rich. Number of self financing institutes increase day by day. Where will the poor go?


  15. Dr.J.Fernandes says:

    Our businesses have forgotten the meaning of corporate social responsibility to an extent. These are all in fact, true condition of our society. And this is why our economy is addressed as corrupt.


  16. Pooja Arora says:

    Law must ensure protection and rights to its citizens who believe in it. People who believe in the purity of knowledge and the importance of education must take up the responsibility of providing knowledge to the young minds. They must be able to teach the values of life. Every profession comes with an ethics and the youth must not only be able to keep up the ethics, but also influence the society to build a life oriented towards values and ethics.


  17. Pankaj Bhardwaj says:

    Corruption in a society takes place when its citizens fails to believe that the nation is a common property of all its citizens .


  18. Debopam Mukherjee says:

    What is corruption?? Bribes only? Lies, false promises and slandering also constitute corruption.. Ms Lipika Singh has tried to focus on a few of them.. Food for thought for the other columnists..


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