Nirbhaya…..Sorry, Not Sure If Anything Has Changed

India, is our mother land. Our national song vocalizes it time and again, Vande Mataram, and look at the fate of our mothers, sisters, daughters and female friends. Each and every Indian should bow down their head in shame as they cannot deny the disgraceful state of women in India. In the era of women empowerment,  is there anything that we can say.. except a sorry and an expression on our face which says ” We have failed Nirbhaya”. What has changed after a year from the horrific incident of 16th December 2012: Huge hue and cry among the masses in demand for justice across the world took place, we were globally recognized as a country which still practices barbarism,  a major amendment act took place in criminal law which hardly addressed any constructive issues to stop violence against women and the cases of violence against women in Delhi and other parts of the country doubled, incidence of eve-teasing, stalking and molestation as per reports had multiplied by five times, multiple women helplines, (police control rooms) PCR vans have been installed in sensitive locations, a government running Delhi had been toppled and  the final verdict on the justice to the Nirbhaya case is still pending. So we are where we were. Just amending laws and increasing police vigilance does not make women secure in any way. Inspite of the increased infrastructure the police have failed to decrease the violence inflicted on women. Lets also have a glance at how the law has failed. On a serious note the act mentions long durations of imprisonment of the accused who has been proved guilty for death or vegetative state of the victim or who have attacked the victim with acid or raped her so that the victim had to be hospitalized, who has been involved in voyeurism, gang rape of child, disrobing etc. Heinous crimes like the above may go pardoned, bailed as per the act. Shockingly it does not even consider marital rape as a criminal offence. Such is the pathetic situation of the legal structure of our nation. The rich and the powerful would definitely find their way out through the loopholes of this act. Hence no victim would be punished.

But punishment does not bring end to this. Can laws and acts create fear in the minds of the criminals or can they provide security to women? Its doubted as the crime statistics shows otherwise. The laws have such lacunas that they cannot bring safety to women. The person who eve teases, makes sexually colored statements, stalks or molests women can go unpunished due to lack of evidences. So, large number of women face such torture every day in buses, metros, trains on a daily basis. Some react aggressively to it, some bear it without much protest. But they lead their daily lives in these places with lot of trauma and fear in their minds. When will these end? What can bring changes in these situation? Does any one of us believe that laws can stop people to behave in such ways. Leave the torture out doors… day in and day out women face similar physical and verbal abuse at home. No laws can bring an end to this either.

The behavioral change among all of us, both men and women need to take place. Women especially mothers who give preference to the male child and teach him to be the dominating gender, herself subjugating to the dignified living. Women from their childhood should be at school and household level be trained to think themselves as equal to men and not being indoctrinated about misconceptions of being dominated by male. The Nirbhaya Fund can be solely utilized for this function as no clue as to whereabouts of the fund is know to the masses. Until and unless the mindset of the people change the crime against women cannot be stopped. Stringent laws should also be made not to exempt any people whosoever irrespective of their age, social, political status and nature of employment to be punished severely in case found guilty.

There would be high chance that the rapists would now make it sure that the victim is killed to prevent any witness or evidence of the crime.  Hence the situation worsens. This calls for a generation of mammoth database of DNA and finger print of each and every individual in India during Census itself to identify criminals. But with improvement of science and technological know how, forensic tests it has become easy to destroy even such evidences of crime.

So at the end of all the debates and initiatives, it becomes imperative that each one of us need to take the onus of making the world a safer place for women.

Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd also strictly take into account the gender sensitive issues in the office environment. IFA Pvt Ltd also formulates concept notes and proposals for social developmental sector such as health, environment, livelihood and education keeping in mind the indispensable role played by women towards holistic and sustainable development of the nation and its economy.

By – Dr.Abira Dutta Roy

Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt.Ltd

India, is our mother land. Our national song vocalizes it time and again, Vande Mataram, and look at the fate of our mothers, sisters, daughters and female friends. Each and every Indian should bow down their head in shame as they cannot deny the disgraceful state of women in India.

India, is our mother land. Our national song vocalizes it time and again, Vande Mataram, and look at the fate of our mothers, sisters, daughters and female friends. Each and every Indian should bow down their head in shame as they cannot deny the disgraceful state of women in India.


16 thoughts on “Nirbhaya…..Sorry, Not Sure If Anything Has Changed

  1. Joyita Bhattacharya Pathak says:

    Gender discrimination is about power. Nobody wants to give away power. The society needs to come out and above these equations to build a healthy society where no one looks down on anybody. This is very important for the sustainability of our culture and society. Balance of power is the only answer.


  2. Rahul Choudhury says:

    It is sad that we have not done enough to stop assault on women in our country. However, to blame that rapes happen only in India is not true.. but that should not be an excuse we have to become a nation that respects its women. Laws will only act as deterrent, society needs to come together to end all this.


  3. Abira says:

    Have you all heard about the Kamduni story. A girl was gang raped in the village in WB. Some people identified the criminalswho were supporters of Trinamool congress, the ruling party in the state. Inspite of punishing the victims the case was diluted. The victim’s family were lured into govt jobs. People protesting against the wrong being done were harassed by the police. It became very evident that the ruling party was influencing the police, justice and the luring the family members of the victim. How will justice ever be done. The powerful wins as we are afraid of taking a stand against the oppression done and stand for justice.


  4. Ritika Sharma says:

    The government officials and police should have become pro-active after the protests last year. But people have understood that nothing will happen in this country by protesting.


  5. Ravi says:

    We dint set and example which was required at that time. Nirbhaya should have got justice within a week. And her tormentors should have been hanged in public.


  6. Mamata says:

    As a women we should not be afraid. We pay taxes, We do our part as citizens still we get such atrocities from society… Why? and When it will End?


  7. Sumeet says:

    We cannot expect the community to change, till the time we cannot reform our own thought processes. The change always needs to start from our own homes.


  8. Suhail Haque says:

    Its deep rooted. When goddess Sita had to prove her sanctity before Lord Ram what can you expect from lesser human’s. Now, not to follow Lord Ram is Blasphemy (Pun Intended). From time immemorial women has always subjugated and seen as an object. In ancient war times, women were always the first to be oppressed by the victorious side, women and girls were raped, made slaves etc. In modern times, the treatment has remained the same but the context has changed. Nirbhaya was not the first case and surely would not be the last. Probably there is a Nirbhaya like incident happening somewhere in the world as I write. Laws and amendments are necessary to curb and punish the culprits but this has to be tackled from the early childhood and from proper conditioning of the child. The societies outlook towards women has to change and also women’s outlook towards other women.

    What is happening with the “Nirbahay Fund”?


  9. Anand Kumar says:

    A year after the after the tragedy many Indian’s are asking, has anything changed?
    Unfortunately it is difficult to argue the Delhi rape case has led to sweeping improvements on the issue of sexual violence and the treatment of women.
    Statistics suggest that their chances aren’t good. Of 706 rape cases filed in New Delhi last year, only one — the Delhi rape — ended in conviction, the Guardian reports.
    Sexual assaults are now highlighted on a daily basis by the Indian media to serve as a reminder of how common violence against women is.
    “Simply changing the law does not alter the access to justice, or make justice more sensitive to the concerns of women”.


  10. Ujjwal says:

    Laws can only be made to punish the culprit, but the need of time is to change the outlook of people. Women have always been refereed as material possession in our society, and such cases will continue until and unless this sick mindset of people doesn’t change


  11. Debopam Mukherjee says:

    Forget statistics and media hoopla for the time being… Nirbhaya is in the forefront, but many girls and women are ogled at every day… Isnt that a rape? Is there an advocacy mechanism in place where the community, the systems, the leaders drive home the point on how to tackle even cases of molestation?? And how is the education system gearing up to this? When the foundation is weak, how do one build a structure?

    Its therefore imperative that a concerted effort is made to sow the seed in our society through sensitisation classes. Policies wont suffice as long as implementation is not strictly adhered to.. One cant expect a change overnight, but lets try to RESPECT women as a human being, not a mere object of desire.


  12. Sreevidhya says:

    In parts of India there is a strong partiality for having sons. Girls are treated as a financial burden for the family due to small income contributions and costly dowry demands.


  13. Kaif Siddiqui says:

    Almost a year passed away for Delhi rape case which is a witness of huge violence and protest but after having all these still women are not safe in our country.There is many rape cases filed even after the Delhi rape case that shows we are still not able to give full freedom and equality to women. So we need not only to implement the hard laws and rules but also to follow it and give them justice.


  14. Mehtah says:

    It is a sad day indeed. The point is that the law is not being enforced properly.

    People are getting away doing anything and everything. Providing security is only for the select few that too on taxpayers monies.

    The common man is left to die. A time will come when these rapist will do things freely and walk away without any fear.

    Why? Simply because there is no precedent set they know trials will go on endlessly for years instead of having a fast track order.

    How can someone be called a juvenile when he has committed such an offense.

    First we need have all politicians who are well educated and from different walks of life and who can think level headidly ;so that speedy resolutions can be passed to either bring in a new law or amend the existing ones.


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