Fiinovation – Gender Equality and Livelihood Interventions – Fiinovation

Fiinovation – There would not have been a problem if everyone, both men and women had equal access to resources. But, in this men dominated society it is often seen that women in need to survive and sustain their life become victim of gender inequality. This problem often increases when there is lack of opportunities and chances of improvement of their standard of living are not available or they don’t have access to them.

In the rural parts of India, unemployment is a problem and that also leads to migration. Men and women engage themselves in livelihood generation activities but it is generally the women who suffer discrimination. They often fall prey of being underemployed and work at low wages than the men. Agriculture being an important occupation of the rural people involving majority of the workforce it is seen that women work as agro-labourers or in the agro-processing industry. However, there is no regulation that provides equal wages to both men and women. During lean periods it is the women who are generally asked to leave their jobs. It is this particular reason that, Fiinovation while developing projects to promote alternate livelihood for the rural population keep sustainable income generation possibilities in mind. Livelihood provides financial security for not only the women but even the household.

Today, it is very important to look for opportunities of alternate source of income. Gender inequality and lack of empowerment of women leads to problems, like less investment in girl child and also woman member of the family. Even their healthcare expenses take a hit. It is necessary that communities needs to be sensitive about local cultures but if any particular rights are being suppressed, people should take stand against it. Livelihood initiatives of Fiinovation are generally have a gender-sensitive approach involving decision making of both women and men. The projects provide equal opportunities to both men and women. Every project creates awareness about women empowerment through community sensitization sessions and work towards improving the work participation rate.

Gender Equality in Livelihood interventions not only increases the household income but increased savings help in providing education to children and healthcare services to family members. It works as an important tool to improve the standard of living of a community.

Anand Kumar



5 thoughts on “Fiinovation – Gender Equality and Livelihood Interventions – Fiinovation

  1. Kumar Anshuman says:

    Gender inequality has been prominently visible in the Indian society. We may claim to be one of the highly civilized nation on the globe, but when it comes to human treatment, it is the women who suffers the most. There is a need to inculcate the feeling of respect for women since childhood. No program and training can lead to women empowerment or equal treatment of women as men unless everyone considers and feels the same for women as men. No vocational training or livelihood generation opportunities can empower women if the society does not consider them as equal.


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