Fiinovation – Role of media in creating social innovations – the drivers of Economic Growth. Social Impact Assessments & Social Media

After the enactment of Companies Act 2013, 8000 possible companies have to comply by it from April 1st 2014 or else pay the penalties. But how many of them has till date explored the vital role of media in social innovations, awareness generation and dissemination of socially responsible technologies embedding CSR strategies in business development. Hardly there would be handful number of such activities undertaken. We have seen how a few brands have advertised their products integrating the social developmental aspects in the advertisement. The advertisement of Coca Cola ” Ummido Wali Dhoop” showcases social development initiative and that of Aircel’s Save our Tiger showcases conservation of our biodiversity. Nissan, Colgate, Dettol and various contraceptive brands do promote environmental  conservation, health care inventiveness while marketing their products.

Media has a major position in social impact assessment and developing innovative initiatives through various strategies like using social networking sites and creation of apps. A few examples of how media and its applications have played a major role in developing environmental conservation, health enhancement initiatives, promoted education and generated livelihood in the west are as follows: Sony and WWF had developed a U+ app which has initiated access of opportunities for volunteers who are socially motivated. Such a kind of initiative by the corporate sector would help them avail expert and motivated human resources, and CSOs to carry out CSR related activities in the inaccessible regions of India. Programs by Intel like ” Girl Rising” had helped in women empowerment through funding their education and livelihood generation as well as main streaming them. These have been done through community participation and adaption. Films made on this initiative are screened across the world for inspiring, motivating, fundraising and awareness generation. The corporate sector can very well likewise take the help of media towards creating social awareness, make innovative films and documentaries on situation analysis, intervention needs, impact assessment  Their exemplary schemes and its film screening will definitely help in awareness generation of community members and CSOs to build ideas and implement them towards equitable socio-economic development. Livelihood opportunity generation through PPP models, environment conservation drives through JFMs can be effectively implemented through media propaganda.

United States Environmental Protection Agency UNEPA has developed various web enabled and mobile apps which can help in reducing carbon foot print, reduce wastage of food and get access to education and various health facilities. There are apps which will inform you to car pool people on the way from your neighborhood to your office complex. There are apps which inform you about food nutrients, requirements, money required to be spent, the most green retailers and the nearest dealer, reduce fuel consumption, provides weather and flood prediction information, nearest dealers and recycling drop-off facilities. Many other apps help in advising you to reuse and repair different products at home, get health related information and medical prescription, identify various species in your surroundings, give tips on eco -tourism initiatives, estimate renewable energy options in your locality, sense earthquake and cyclonic strengths. The list would go on and on. All these apps can be definitely modified and incorporated in both rural and urban scenario. Why don’t we have an app that tells farmers about the amount of biomass that can be produced from the types and quantities of crops produced in his vernacular. Why can’t we have an app that tells which renewable source of energy should be developed in a particular region based on its climatic conditions. Ekduniya web services have made several ICT enable tools for advocacy about rights on MGNREGA, capacity building, health initiatives etc. But we need to make our community members tech-savvy, especially  the coming generation. Here too mobile, computer manufacturers, telecommunication providers need to use media  and the CSR initiatives to bring in a revolution. When India today is using social network, media and apps to propagate about its political requirements, so will media play a leading role to bring about a revolution on the sustainable development front.

Fiinovation innovatively uses media and social networking to engage participation of its employees, clients and others in discussing social, health, educational and environmental issues of national and global level. Fiinovation inculcates this practice of discussion about social innovations among its employees. Through its blogs, facebook, twitter, linkedin, newsfeed platforms it advocates on  different national and international days of environmental and social concern. Fiinovation also engages in sharing technological innovations and developmental ideas with its avid customers.

By – Dr.Abira Dutta Roy

Role of media in creating social innovations

Role of media in creating social innovations



18 thoughts on “Fiinovation – Role of media in creating social innovations – the drivers of Economic Growth. Social Impact Assessments & Social Media

  1. Rahul Choudhury says:

    The role media is important to reach out to people, make them aware, and strengthen the local institutions. Media remains crucial for exchange of ideas. Scrutiny by media can help overcome the bottlenecks of programme implementation. Media is one of the most important pillars of a democracy, therefore, it should take up greater responsibility.


  2. Abira Dutta Roy says:

    Media can definitely play a major role through interviewing beneficiaries under different CSR initiatives and bring about the real picture. Hence they can be a powerful tool towards social and environmental impact assessment.


  3. Suhail Haque says:

    In today’s world when people do not have access to basic facilities, they have easy access to cable TV, satellite TV, and many different other platforms of media. The corporate’s can tap this hugely unexplored area in India to reach the maximum. New innovations and ideas can be showcased through media to reach the last person in the pyramid. Many innovative projects are being undertaken in Africa with media being an integral part of the project. Projects are being designed keeping in mind the role that media will play in implementation. Time to learn from the success stories and get motivated to do more challenging job for the people.


  4. shahid rashid says:

    The media is playing very important role in determining the current status of every field to the people.It strengthens the institutions who collaborate with media to help in any cause. Now every organization should do the same to promote the causes and help the media in doing the same at higher level.


  5. Archana Modawal says:

    Media undoubtedly has the ability to create and facilitate the changes that are required for the development of society in every sector. It has the all the power with itself, the only point is to realize and initiate it.


  6. kapil Dharmani says:

    Media plays major role in creating social innovation the drivers of economic growth,it plays a very important role in creating public awareness and forming their views and attitudes towards certain issues,therefore media plays very pivotal role in making socially aware nation.


  7. Now a days Media plays an important role in creating healthy environment for the Social Development Sector and also force to implement the projects which help in improve socio and economic condition of society.


  8. Anand Kumar says:

    As we all know that yesterday World Health Organization (WHO) declared India a country free from polio since last 3 years.In the year 1995-96 Government of India initiated Pulse Polio Mission to eradicate polio. A mass awareness generation was carried out which included newspaper, magazine, radio, banners, television and yes a star factor Mr.Amitabh Bacchan which in tern enabled mass mobilization cum participation of the community.
    So media not only enhanced the campaign but also played an important role in catalyzing the effect for a social impact.


  9. Ujjwal Rakesh says:

    Since Doordarshan has come into existence Media has always played a pivotal role in awareness campaigns leading to social development. On one hand where informative programs for farmers played a important role in Green Revolution, awareness campaign on polio where various celebrities participated helped the country to get rid of the disease. Now when CSR will come in place there would be two aspects, first is how the media houses will do their CSR and secondly how will media play a role in promotion of CSR activities.


  10. Sreevidhya says:

    Media plays a very important and constructive role in creating public awareness and collect their views,attitude and action no matter whether it is a political,social or economic issue.


  11. kaif siddiqui says:

    Media plays a very vital role in generating awareness among the people. its a very good channel of communication as information passes rapidly. Now, the only thing which we need to see that how will media take this initiative.


  12. Sheetal says:

    Media played a very crucial role in Polio eradication from India, we all remember Amitabh Bachan requesting families with children below 5 years to visit polio booth on sundays…….saying ‘Do boond zindagi ki’.


  13. pankaj says:

    The mass coverage addresed by media has always shown vital impact. Various campaigns that are being mentioned above has played a very important role in society.


  14. Pooja Arora says:

    Media now a days plays a very important role in creating awareness and keeping people informed about various social issues. Latest, that we have seen on television is the Vidya Balan advertisement on spreading and promoting women toilet awareness. Media is taking an initiative to make people aware about their rights. In case of CSR media can play a vital role and can bring a revolution in this sector.


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