Fiinovation – 8th International Conference On CSR – 2014

Fiinovation – 8th International Conference On CSR – 2014       

Theme – Strategy To Leverage CSR For Competitive Advantage     

17th – 18th Jan 2014

Hotel ITC Windsor Manor, Bengaluru

Conference Overview – The CSR conference 2014 began on a robust note with major companies participating and sharing their experiences with the communities and their past CSR milestone to the participating audience. The conference was organized by Institute of Directors in association with Fiinovation- Innovative Financial Advisors.

Fiinovation took over the theme by endowing a fresh pack of ideas to the capricious old CSR world replacing the old norms. The opening session included experienced literates from the community like Dr.C B Bhattacharya(Dean of International Relations and E.ON), Mr.S Chakraborty-(Fiinovation Chief Executive Officer), IOD founder Lt.General J.S Alhuwalia(President, Institute of Directors, India) providing their core remarks.

The inaugural session continued with Dr Rebecca Reichmann Tavares, Ed.D. UN Women’s representative for India Maldives, Bhutan and Sri Lanka sharing her views, on how women are form a crucial element in the stability of companies and engaging in collaborative efforts and concentrating less on conflict. She shared data on how the leading companies of the world who had women in their Board of directors Survived compared to the others who didn’t had no women in their BOD.

Hon’ble Krishna Byre Gowda (Hon’ble Minister for Agriculture, Govt. of Karnataka) continued the discussion on the same lines and exclaimed women’s participation in leveraging all social activities. Dr Jija Harisingh, IPS (retd), President, Bangalore Chapter, Institute of Directors, and former DGP, Karnataka added how security of women makes a pertinent point as far as empowerment is concerned.

The first plenary session touched on various aspects of morality behind social responsibility and that how it should be instilled in the core values rather than being and imposed mandate. The second plenary session marked some most important anecdotes  of the conference where Sanat Hazra, Director, (The Times of India shared how incorporating sustainability in the core printing chain has not only saved costs but also helped in energy conservation. The point here was how change in approach can set healthy examples. Lt. Gen. Rajender Singh,( Chief Executive Officer, DLF Foundation)added his share of experiences on DLF‘s CSR initiatives followed by Mohini Daljeet Singh, (Chief Executive Officer, Max India Foundation) who expressed her views on how CSR initiatives can bring a change in the development sector.

The later session on “CSR-creating Shared Value” earmarked the event by providing the most crucial excerpts pertaining to CSR. Beginning with an insightful take by Mr.S Charaborty(Chief Executive Officer -Fiinovation) who emphasized on how long term initiatives should be undertaken in order to bring a real change through CSR initiatives. Followed by Ajay Poddar,(Managing Director, Synergy Environics Ltd) and Namita Vikas, (Senior President and Chief Sustainability Officer, YES BANK)who shared their take and said that businesses should do more than looking into profits. The most incredible panelist Dr Bindeshwar Pathak, Founder, Sulabh International Social Service Organization, took the audiences through his extraordinary journey of social enterprise which established and example across the world.

The plenary session was followed by the Golden Peacock awards night where the best initiatives of the industry were acknowledged and awarded. The awards night was adorned by the presence of ,His Excellency Shri Nikhil Kumar, Hon’ble Governor of Kerala who captured the audience by looking into the history of CSR in India. Mr.S Charaborty(Chief Executive Officer –Fiinovation, gave one of the key addresses where he reminded the audience on hoe Swami Vivekananda was the pioneer in social responsibility in India.

The next day followed the best of the stories from the field. The most astonishing were that of JK Lashmi and IDBI were the former has achieved zero Maternal Mortality rate in district Sirohi and the latter has adopted Tharu village in laddakh.

The conference was a fertile learning experience, not only for Fiinovation but all those who desire to be a part of the social responsibility revolution after mandating CSR in India.

8th International Conference On CSR - 2014

8th International Conference On CSR – 2014

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13 thoughts on “Fiinovation – 8th International Conference On CSR – 2014

  1. Abira Dutta Roy says:

    The disaster management initiative by IDBI was praiseworthy in Taroo village. When the leh flash floods resulted in pouring of huge funds for rehabilitation and restoration, IDBI’s initiative was the most sustainable one in Taru village. All the funding agencies and NGOs were concentrating in areas with loss of life. IDBI endeavored to stabilize the livelihood of the people whose agricultural land had been washed off.


    • Anand Kumar says:

      We are here talking about the impact and assessment of CSR LAW in India…mentioning ” nice ” doesn’t answer any question…secondly the video uploaded is one of the main highlight of the conference which talks about the sanitation initiative in India so kindly mention the achievement of it or your opinion on it….


  2. Rahul Choudhury says:

    It feels good to learn so many things about CSR from such eminent personalities… As Bill Gates predicts by 2038 we hope to see this world poverty free…


  3. Anand Kumar says:

    The International conference on CSR is an effort to synthesize expert opinion on creating enabling infrastructure for effective implementation of CSR programmes for empowering the deprived.


  4. Kumar Anshuman says:

    It seems mandating CSR in India will bring a positive change… Now, people have started talking about the role of corporate for the development of society in the Indian environment as well.


  5. Ujjwal says:

    Such initiatives are really important as discussion on such big platform will make companies realize that CSR is not only a charity or donation but a part of business plan keeping future policies in mind


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