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An  initiative launched last December calls for a global campaign against discrimination across all walks of life. 1st March has been selected as the Zero Discrimination Day. It is a joint initiative of the United Nations Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi , who is a Nobel Peace Prize Winner and UNAIDS Global Advocate for Zero Discrimination. She advocates for a “world where everyone can flower and blossom.”  She suggests reaching  to people helping them lead a life of dignity irrespective of who they are.  The suggested plan for her includes opening up, reaching out and ending discrimination.

The symbol for this day is a butterfly that is adopted to represent global transformation and zero tolerance against discrimination. Fiinovation supports the cause as discrimination in itself is a hindrance towards empowerment of the people. Fiinovation will celebrate the day creating awareness through social media campaign and would like to reach out to the people of India and encourage them to stand up against discrimination. We would also incorporate community sensitization sessions to make communities aware on the issues related to any kind of discrimination which will help create a long term impact.

Discriminations in India is not new, we continue to read stories of honour killings, domestic violence and other forms of sexual violence.  Social stigma and discrimination creates immense damage to society, victims of discrimination have huge impact on their lives. In the cast system in India, the untouchables have a huge history, the burden of which is still felt by many.

India is known for its diversity, a country where language and culture changes every 50-100 kms. We have failed to become sensitive to other peoples need. For example, take up a NCERT text book of history you will see a lot of facts about leaders and rulers of north India where as people from South India, North East India will be missing from that list. It is because of this reason, we see North Indians facing discrimination in Maharashtra, North Eastern people facing discrimination in Delhi and south Indians facing discrimination in north India. The people of India should not discriminate people of the north east region or for that matter south India. There should be better understanding of culture and lifestyle of people.

There should be equality in all aspects whether education, employment, justice, consumption of resources, healthcare or decision making power. Our society should abide by the Constitution of India, that doesn’t promote any kind of discrimination. As the world’s largest democracy, we should set an example in front of the world, of a civilization that respects everyone irrespective of race, sect, religion or gender. We need to work towards building a nation that is more tolerant and cosmopolitan with a certain agenda of development for all. Together we should promote the rights of everyone to lead a life full of quality and dignity.

Everyone together can transform the world, people should encourage acceptance and raise their voice against discrimination. Fiinovation believes that every social development concept should incorporate activities supporting people who have been discriminated against and promote benefits of diversity of the culture in the country. Some of the astonishing facts related to discrimination are:

1. In only four out of ten countries worldwide do equal numbers of girls and boys attend secondary school.

2. Nearly 80 countries have laws that criminalize same-sex sexual relations.

3. In Malawi, Namibia and Botswana, almost one-fifth of men who have sex with men report they are afraid to seek health care services.

4. Disabled people are four times more likely to report being treated badly compared to non-disabled people.

5. Less than 50% of the women are involved in decisions related to their own health care in India.

Rahul Choudhury


world where everyone can flower and blossom

world where everyone can flower and blossom


2 thoughts on “Zero Discrimination Day – Fiinovation

  1. Sumeet says:

    Social acceptability of every human being, regardless of caste, color, education, sexual preferences, etc, will bring zero discrimination in the society.


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