World Tuberculosis Day – Fiinovation

Every year 9 million people get TB worldwide. Out of these, 3 million never benefit from the available healthcare services. According to World Health Ranking, India stands at 58th position on Tuberculosis ranking with a death rate of 28.8 persons per 100,000 persons. Today is World TB Day. This day commemorates the day when Dr Robert Koch declared the discovery of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in 1882. The intention behind celebrating this day is to create awareness among the general public on the causes of TB which cause nearly half-a-million deaths every year, mostly in developing countries. “Reach the 3 million” is the slogan for the year.

World TB Day provides a platform to generate awareness about TB-related problems and solutions and to support worldwide TB-control efforts. While great strides have been made to control and cure TB, yet there is much to be done. The target is to move towards ZERO TB deaths globally.

A global effort is required to find, treat and cure all people with TB and accelerate progress towards the bold goals we expect to see in TB strategies post-2015 and a world with Zero TB deaths, stigma and infections. Fiinovation is working towards generating awareness related to TB and ensuring early detection of the diseases especially in rural areas. Fiinovation designs social development projects that are designed to reduce TB deaths in India. Fiinovation understands that people who need care are the ones, who are the marginalized lot often ignored by the health systems.

The aim is to provide health delivery services to all those people who have been ignored so far. Approximately 2 billion dollars every year is required to fill the gap for implementing existing TB interventions. The WHO Stop TB strategy has saved the lives of 22 million people through seventeen years of its implementation, The reason for the success has been the approach which focused on:

1. Pursuing high-quality DOTS expansion and     enhancement.

2. Addressing the needs of TB-HIV, MDR-TB, and the vulnerable populations

3. Contributing to health system strengthening based on primary health care

4. Engaging all care providers

5. Empowering people with TB, and communities through partnership

6. Enabling and promoting research


Reach the 3 million, Find.Treat.Cure TB

Reach the 3 million, Find.Treat.Cure TB



8 thoughts on “World Tuberculosis Day – Fiinovation

  1. Rahul Choudhury says:

    TB interventions in India should be supported by corporate giants especially in the pharma industry. They understand the problem and they can take up the issue as a part of their CSR agenda. CSR activities should include strengthening of health delivery system in the rural areas linking it with the government initiatives.


  2. Pankaj says:

    Is celebrated to raise the public awareness about the epidemic disease of TB as well as to get their efforts in order to eradicate his disease.


  3. kapil Dharmani says:

    I think their is need to highlight the message that the campaign belonged to people everywhere doing their part to Stop TB.


  4. Aditi Tewari says:

    Tuberculosis continues to be projected as a disease of the poor. Unlike an HIV which is so much more glamorous. I feel corporations ,media and civil society need to build a campaign on TB control and generate awareness at a big scale. A sense of urgency needs to be created.


  5. Anand Kumar says:

    Why do ophthalmologists complain of being more susceptible to Tuberculosis when they even refuse to wear masks over their mouths…


  6. shilpa jain says:

    With the alarming rise of MDRs and XDR cases of TB the need of the hour lies in controlling the default rates and thereby controlling the spread of the disease. This will help in controlling and arresting the disease at the first line of action without making it too chronic to affect the people as an individual, family and community.


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