Fiinovation – World Population Day, 2014

The 7 billion world population is both, a challenge and an opportunity, which has implications on sustainability, urbanization, and health and youth empowerment. But is it really an opportunity?  Since newer generations have more environmentally exhausting demands and there always be a considerable level of services required from the ecosystems to fulfill human needs whether they are rich or poor. .

In 1989, the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme recommended that, in order to focus attention on the urgency and importance of issues in the context of overall development plans there is a need to find solutions.11 July should be observed by the international community as World Population Day.

The theme of 2014 World population – investing in young people.A youth centric approach ensures maximum participation and benefit of young population through development initiatives.  Reflection of youth centred approach reflected itself in the development domain in the year 2000, McLaughlin for the first time termed the concept of ‘‘youth centred’’ in his write-up “Community counts: How youth organizations matter for youth development”. Further In 2012 Walker and Larson defined that ideally a youth centred response should have four dimensions:

  1. Engaging directly with youth
  2. Turning the dilemma into an opportunity for youth’s development
  3. Incorporating youth into the solutions or response to the situation
  4. 4.Advocating on behalf of youth as well as teaching youth to advocate for themselves

Finnovation encourages companies, CSRs, donors and funders to initiate Youth-centred development programs which provide participants (mostly young) with opportunities to take responsibility and embrace lead roles in setting program goals and challenges. A young CEO and a Young team of Finnovation , believes that -positive youth development programs ensure that young people are central in all aspects of the program. The ‘youth centred’ value is broader than ensuring a young person’s active participation; it goes to the organisation’s core practices around working with, and for, young people.

Investing in young people

Investing in young people



2 thoughts on “Fiinovation – World Population Day, 2014

  1. Welcome we will Create New tipy of Society who belong Love,Truth, Justice ,Non-Violonce,Bead on Huminitly with Honestly. Consept of VasudevKuttambKam”Use of Guidance of Oldest, Engery of Youth,Power of Women and Motivation of Children’s .If implement this Consept Then word will be Beautiful


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