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Every year, 19th August is observed as the World Humanitarian Day. This day recognizes the work of those who faced dangers and adversity while helping others. The theme for this year is “The World Needs More”. 19th August is also the date of the brutal terrorist attack that took place at the UN headquarters in Baghdad in 2003 which killed 22 people, including UN envoy Sergio Vieira de Mello. World Humanitarian Day is also an occasion to rejoice the spirit that inspires humanitarian work around the globe.

Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd understands that every year many natural calamities and political crisis take place leading to a number of deaths and injuries. We support the observation of this day and seek to draw attention towards the existing humanitarian needs worldwide. The observation of this day reiterates upon the importance of international cooperation and how it must be fulfilled to meet these needs. We honor the undying zeal of our humanitarian workers who provide life-saving assistance and long term rehabilitation irrespective of age, sex, race, country etc. Humanitarian measures must be encouraged in the under developed countries and saving lives must be considered our top most priority. We are conscious of the enormous responsibility of humanitarian work, which includes rebuilding the lives of the community members by making them resilient to future crises.


Keeping in line with this year’s theme, the UN along with the partners has designed an innovative campaign titled ‘The world needs more… ’. This campaign is the first one-of-its-kind which aims to turn words into aid creatively and innovatively. It intends to make people analyze and suggest the gaps and emphasize on issues they feel are important through mere words. This campaign shall then emerge as the world’s first market place for words displaying the varied perceptions of the people.

Countries like Afghanistan, Syria, Haiti, Sudan, Iraq are reeling under sever humanitarian crisis and millions of people are waiting to receive assistance to help them recover from the humanitarian emergency. It is day of the people hence it does not have a logo. The media documents support the day by capturing images that show people helping others that are in need of assistance.

Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. urges people to remember those often forgotten, died in the service of the United Nations and fallen. It’s them, who remind us, bringing the world together, as one family sharing the same dream of a peaceful planet, where everyone lives with safety and dignity.

By Rahul Choudhury

Media Team – Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd

The World Needs More…

The World Needs More…


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