Does the Indian Film Industry have a Corporate Social Responsibility? If not then why!

India Cinema Centenary

The Indian film Industry has seen unprecedented growth in terms of volume of films being made and the revenue associated with it. In the past decade the film industry has reached new heights from ranking first globally in terms of annual film output to reaching overall revenue of Rs.93 billion in 2011. Yes all of this is not shared by the producers and promoters but gives jobs to thousands of people directly or indirectly associated with the film production to its promotion and final screening. It is a joy to watch actors becoming heroes and fighting the evils pertaining in the society. There is another potential side to the success of the Indian Film Industry as many social issues can be resolved by just putting a small percentage of its revenue in the social sector. Social Action requires collective action from all sectors covering horizontal and vertical spectrum bringing the required change and Innovative Financial advisors Pvt Ltd is a platform that incubates sustainability as its core business strategy.

There are many ways production houses are helping the underprivileged sections of the society through their social initiatives, though there is no collective action taken up by the film industry. A small percentage of the billions of revenue that is generated annually can change many lives. It needs proactive action from the Film Fraternity. The solution can be to promote a Social Impact Fund where in different production houses can have a stake depending upon their revenue generated in the past year and this fund can then be distributed to various NGOs, Social Incubators, Prime Minister Relief Fund, or directly through impact initiatives carried out by the Trust itself. For this a collective action is required by everyone in the film industry, who can pitch in with their share of social responsibility.

This need not be under the purview of CSR as many production houses and media partners come under the CSR ambit, and their share of contribution should not be clubbed with the social responsibility associated with all those who have the capacity to bring about a positive change in the lives of underprivileged sections of the society. Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd continues to work to improve the livelihood, education, health and environment aspects of the society which can be used as a medium to create a sustainable India in association with a Socially Responsible Indian Film Industry.

Manish Narula,

Program Manager – Resource

Fiinovation |


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