“Impact of technological development on Environment”

Technology simplifies the way we do things

Technology simplifies the way we do things

Technology simplifies the way we do things. The research and development for technological innovations has been growing at a fast pace. It becomes highly imperative in our competitive world to find out the impact of technology on all stakeholders. The sustainable aspect of development in any sector is the need of the hour and technological development also needs thorough impact assessment. In my view, there is a need to balance development with environment as it becomes our responsibility towards the entire ecosystem, the resources of which are being exploited in lieu of technological development.

With growing needs and aspirations, we tend to ignore the basic need to survive, which is supported by the environment we live in. Impact of technology on environment can be stated with day to day examples such as increasing pollution levels, reducing green cover, and global warming, and causing changes in weather patterns. We need a sustainable approach towards inclusive development.

Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd. has worked to balance the need with corrective utilization of resources for sustainable living through CSR, keeping all the three factors in the program design. Sustainability has a positive feedback, for example the need for power (electricity) based on renewable sources of energy do serve the purpose and it being green energy makes it responsible.

As we can all see and experience the consequences of unsustainable practices in business and personal life which is driven by technological development. Technology works as the backbone of an economy and if it does not consider the social and environmental impact, it might lead to environmental degradation.

On the other hand, technology can be a boon for environmental restoration as well. The required research and development on renewable sources of energy can be an advantage for the community and environmental stability. It is the way we approach defines the impact of development and there is a scope of improvement, as human mind evolves new technology shall come to the fore for making the world Sustainable for all.

By – Manish Narula

Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd



One thought on ““Impact of technological development on Environment”

  1. Rahul Choudhury says:

    I have to agree on what you are saying, I think new technologies that are coming up since KYOTO PROTOCOL was signed are more or less environment friendly and companies of today are now more aware of the consequences of manufacturing or innovating products that are harmful for the environment.


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