15 facts about India that will stun you

Fact 1

According to UN estimates, India will become the most populous country in the world in just 14 years’ time, when it will have about 1.45 billion inhabitants.

Fact 2

India was once a continent. More than 100 million years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, most of what is now India was an island.

Fact 3

India doesn’t have a national language. Hindi and English are both official languages.

Fact 4

A total of 122 languages each are spoken by more than 10,000 people in India.

Fact 5

India has three of the world’s top ten mega-cities – one more than China.

Fact 6

According to the UN, Delhi is now the second-largest urban agglomeration in the world, with Mumbai ranked seventh and Calcutta tenth.

Fact 7

More than 814 million people — a number larger than the population of Europe — was eligible to vote in the world’s biggest democratic exercise in 2014 parliamentary elections.

(Source: Reuters)

Fact 8

India also holds the record for the most number of candidates for a single constituency – 1,032 candidates stood for the Modakurichi assembly seat in Tamil Nadu state elections in 1996.

Fact 9

India has the world’s largest film industry. More than 1,100 movies are produced, on an average, each year – that’s slightly ahead of Nigeria, twice as many as the American film industry and ten times as many as Britain produces.

Fact 10 

India is the world’s biggest producer and consumer of mangoes. More than 40% of the world’s annual output of mangoes is grown in India, far ahead of the competition from China, Thailand and Bangladesh.

Fact 11

India has the world’s third largest road network at 1.9 million miles. It also has the world’s second largest rail network, which is the largest civilian employer with 16 million workers in the world.

Fact 12

India is the birthplace of chess.  The original word for “chess” is the Sanskrit word chaturanga, meaning “four members of an army”— which were most likely elephants, horses, chariots, and foot soldiers.

Fact 13

With 150,000 post offices, India has the largest postal network in the world.

Fact 14

Until 1986, the only place where diamonds had been officially found was in India.

Fact 15

53% homes in India do not have a lavatory

Compiled by – Media Team

Fiinovation | www.fiinovation.co.in


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