On this International Women’s Day, we tried finding out, what is that women feel strongly about.

Here are a few things that they shared… ‪#‎PowerOfBangles‬

16467_436436626513128_4943481127734839279_n 1508530_436436613179796_445462466962360015_n 1510829_436436493179808_3136065026822737871_n 10423707_436436856513105_7332438285743652895_n 10553489_436436583179799_2664253641718764853_n 10931373_436436433179814_1615985518704542135_n 11024796_436436416513149_3109673514921449433_n 11025768_436436516513139_2182977067892156088_n 11029647_436436323179825_852137178332148694_n 11034914_436436329846491_3274286367704615156_n 11037326_436436616513129_4117280560210237742_n 11039195_436436426513148_787949996887526249_n 11039700_436436843179773_383781250719137321_n 11041228_436436529846471_4747619631187893908_n (1) 11050297_436436316513159_1614778618070813526_n

An initiative by Fiinovation

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