More than just a pretty face

Large eyes, small nose, full lips, fair skin and a slim body are the features of a beautiful woman? Well, at least that’s what the society tells us. Beauty has been molded by society, by advertisers, fashion and cosmetic industry. We live in a society of billboards, ads, photoshop and botox. We are trained to believe the things society throws at us. This obsession with beauty has led to a world where women exhaust themselves to cope up with the photo shopped figures and with perfect features  in the ads. Men with salt and pepper hair are considered distinguished and wise but women, however they may look and whatever age they must be, are not acknowledged for their appearance. We must realise that their true accomplishments go beyond their appearance.

There is so much more to women than just their physical appearance. It’s a fact that today women have made a name for themselves in every sector throughout the world. Women’s position in the society has risen from a house-maker to a position of a leader, be it in their personal space or professional one. As more and more women are emerging as leaders, the society which underestimated them for centuries is now pushing it’s self towards feminism. From farming to rocket science, from running marathons to flying airplanes and from nursing to wrestling, name the profession and you will see women prove their mettle. With the passage of time, women have proved to be a better multi-tasker than men. Today, women juggle between work and office and still maintain a good balance in life.

Despite all these accomplishments, the society still remains obsessed  with  their physical appearance. On television, the women are projected like commodities and products and are objectified to sell goods. Logically, a car advertisement does not require a girl in swimsuit, an advertisement for men’s deodorants does not call for the need to show girls in short dresses waiting to jump on him, girls in the film industry are also actors then why are they called item girls. They say “what we see in movies is the reflection of our society” and if this is the society we have created then we must change it. Let’s just not be victims of marketing strategies of billion dollar cosmetic firms which manipulates our perception of beauty to achieve their bottomline. Let’s break the shallow idea of beauty which asks a woman to have polished nails, white complexion and expensive dresses.

We should revisit our definition of beauty, which should be in the confidence in which a woman carries herself and in the ways she is contributing to the world to make it a better place to live in.

By – Karan Pundir

Media & Communication,



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