Story of an Indian Superwoman

Yes...I want to become that superwoman

Yes…I want to become that superwoman

Have you ever, during times of brain solitude, wander into fantasy land and wonder how it would be to be a superwoman. Be like the fantasy figures of X-men or Avengers to be able to clone every living being, grow wings or control the elements of nature. Then when genetic mutation seems too farfetched how about succumbing to more real life images, say like Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider or the Charlie’s Angles. When we come closer to home, we have been raised hearing stories of Jhansi ki Rani, Razia Sultan or if we look at present then we have many women leaders in various fields. However, still every girl grows up listening to the fairytales where the damsel in distress is saved by a superhero. Why don’t we change this conventional notion and have our very own Indian Superwoman with all the imaginable powers one can possess.

Yes…I want to become that superwoman. I want wheels on my feet, wings on my arms, fire in my eyes. I want the power to read minds of other people. I want the power to change the wrongful thinking of other people, to bring justice to the situation. I want power to get invisible for sometime so that I can just enjoy and be. I want power to have a strong telepathy with my loved ones so that I am always available for them. To have superhuman agility and endurance, the power of self healing with intangibility where nothing bounds my whims and wishes, where my ideas are not blocked behind conventional boxes and doors.

Stories of such a superwoman shall begin with, how lovely a lady she was, with a strong but warm heart. A savior she was by day, but prowled in the darkness. Her coal black wings, gave her a steady flight. She dined with the poor and played soccer, for pure love towards the game.  None knew from whence she came, whether she was a ballerina, an astronaut or a superstar. All we know is that this superwoman took a stand, with her legs and her voice and her head and heart. She was smart and pretty but not just that. She was more than the labels could define. With polished nails and a polished mind, she was raw yet refined, shy and bold, she had warmth and wisdom and grace and guts.

She will be the idol of every little kid and be a superwoman. For all the kids, in-fact everyone who dreams to stroll into the night alone, spread out your arms to feel the night breeze. Go on, do it, for fear and darkness are not synonyms anymore. All the boys and girls shall forever stay motivated by the heroic examples of this adventurous, witty and all-powerful superwoman.

By – Anukshya and Sukhreet

Programme Team – Fiinovation


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