How true is the saying, “Jaan hai toh jahan hai“. If we are alive this world is there when we go we take the universe with us. The earthquake in Nepal made me realize how unpredictable life can be. We remain alive just in the moment, there is nothing before and after. Thousands of people died in the quake, some in just a few seconds, while others must have had a more painful death. The picture of a safe haven turned into a graveyard in the blink of an eye. Smiles turned into screams, shelters turned into death chambers and as the sun dimmed in the dust storm nobody knew whether to run or hide. The destruction made me realise that one cannot predict life – we plan our whole lives, procrastinate to do things that we always wanted to do, wait years to take a vacation, we wait for the perfect moment to say I love you, we wait for special occasions to hug our loved ones and show how much we really love them. We think that there is plenty of time to do all those things, to live all those moments.

There never can be a right time to do the things you love and live the life you want to live, unless, you do it in the moment. That is all what we have – a moment to laugh, a moment to cry, a moment to shout, a moment to dance, a moment to sing and free ourselves from the illusion of certainty in this world.

As humans we worry about safeguarding our tomorrow and when that tomorrow becomes our today, we start worrying for another tomorrow and it becomes an imbrication. We all know that death is the ultimate destination and we cannot escape it. However, we manage to miss out on living beautiful moments in our life when we postpone that rare perfect day for the future. Don’t keep your life in reserves it will perish anyway.

“Eat when it is time to eat and move on when it’s time to move on”, this quote from the book ‘The Alchemist’ so simply explains how one should move forward in life, removing the complexities which are nothing but the result of over-thinking. Thinking too much about the time which has not arrived yet takes away a lot from what we could have done in the present. Living in the moment is a liberating experience which unities us not only with the universe around us, but with our own selves also.  It does not mean that planning for future is not advisable. Planning has been an essential part of our development and it is this planning which has brought human civilization to the point where we can walk on the moon and tread on Mars. Progressive thinking and a vision for future evolves us, it gives a direction to our life. But that does not mean one needs to have a plan for everything. Don’t indulge in the future so much, that you miss on the present. Take a step forward, but do notice the ground you are standing on right now, enjoy your stance and look around a bit. “Take a deep breath today fill your lungs with oxygen because tomorrow it’s going to be more Co2 anyway.”

By – Karan Pundir

Media Team | Fiinovation


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