Donate blood, save lives

Fiinovation annual blood donation camp 2015

Fiinovation annual blood donation camp 2015

“The warm blood in humans, keeps them alive but when they donate their blood to save others, the humanity comes to life”. Blood supplies essential nutrients and oxygen to the cells which gives our bodies energy to work, while blood also fights with infections and other viruses present in the environment. Our body generates millions of red blood cells in a single second, while an equal number of cells dies at the same moment. Human body is capable enough in producing blood itself, but many types of diseases can slow or permanently hamper our capacity to produce blood, in which scenario the patient has to depend on the blood transfusion to stay alive. Apart from this, heavy bleeding caused by an injury may also require blood transfusion, as our body is not capable of generating large amount of blood instantly.

The need of blood donors is huge. The medical sector of India requires 4 crore units of blood every year in order to treat various patients, but only 40 lakh blood units are available, the lack of which causes thousands of deaths every year. The requirement of blood units may increase in the event of any natural disaster or an outbreak of a disease. The fact that blood can only be stored upto only 42 days makes it even harder to keep an ample supply of blood for medical care.

The recent outbreak of dengue in the country has further increased the blood demand. So far, 25,000 cases of dengue have been registered in which Delhi ranks the highest with 4,000 patients and has lost 21 valuable lives due to it. The dengue virus reduces the Complete Blood Count (CBC) of the host drastically, for which blood transfusion becomes vital for the recovery of blood deficiency in the patient. As per the predictions of the experts, the outbreak will continue its mayhem till the end of October.

The medical sector is facing a shortage of blood donors and the outbreak of diseases like dengue has further deepened the problem. Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd. understands the problem and has made a tradition of organising blood camp every year on its Foundation Day. This year also, the company is organising a blood camp in association with Lions Blood Bank. The camp will take place at its official premises in New Delhi on 29th September, 2015. Little efforts like this can save many lives and you alone can save three precious lives with just donating one pint of blood.

By – Karan Pundir

Media and Communication Team | Fiinovation


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