Girl Rising!!

The International Day of Girl Child – 11th October,2015

It was a bright autumn morning, as  I took an auto for office. At a distance of about 100 meters from a traffic signal I saw, a traffic-policeman signing a challan for a taxi for jumping the signal. “I never break traffic rules madam. If I do, I would be putting my customer’s and my life at stake. If anything happens to me, what will happen to my children?” exclaimed  the auto-driver.  “I have two daughters and a son.” he added and carried on with his conversation with me. A proud father of two daughters.  His elder daughter was in senior school and aspired to be a doctor, the younger one was in middle school and wanted to be a lawyer.. He mentioned that he is working on dual-shifts to  earn and save money to help both of them live  their dreams. I still remember the smile, a grin of contentment that created an aura , that I saw in that rear view mirror, when he was proudly and happily talking about her girls while driving to my destination.

From female foeticide, ignoring the girl child, to motivating them to fulfil their dreams today, the Indian society, through conscious efforts of the government,  private organizations and more informed parents, has been working  towards transforming the orthodox mindsets. This has helped in improving the lives of girls and helped in providing them  the right and respect that they deserve. This includes entailing them with best of health care, education, food, etc as is enjoyed by their opposite gender.  However, on analyzing the DISE data 2014-15, Fiinovation reviewed that, as a girl child advances in her life, a few of them also drop out from school  due to increased responsibilities. Deliberate and conscious effort towards fulfilling the dreams of a girl child shall  help us and take us a step  closer to attaining our sustainable development goals.

The United Nations General assembly  on December 19 2011 declared October 11 as the International Day for the Girl Child, with an aim to recognize the girls’ rights and the challenges faced by them across the globe. Fiinovation suggests that, the introduction of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) this year by the global community is a suitable time to acknowledge and recognize  the achievements of the young girls in India.  This also adds to the girl child’s significant role in achieving sustainable goals. Their achievement is undeniable to obtain the mentioned goals by 2030.

Aditi Singh

Media & Communication



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