Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd.: Global Hand Washing Day

Global Hand washing Day

Global Hand washing Day

United Nation assembly observed 2008 as the year of sanitation and declared 15th October as the “Global Hand Washing Day” to be celebrated every year. Every day 2,195 children die because of Diarrhea in the world. In India also 3,3400 children die under the age of five due to the same diarrheal disease, which could have been prevented if good hygiene standards were maintained. Hand hygiene plays a vital role in ensuring a good health, nearly 80 percent of the communicable diseases spread by touch and if hand hygiene is practiced properly one can easily avoid large number of infections. Touch is not only limited to coming in contact with another person, objects but also but also performing various activates, like eating without proper clean hands, touching eyes,nose and other body parts, that maybe vulnerable if proper hygiene care are not taken with care.

While performing day to day tasks, our hands are constantly in touch with outside objects which have different kind of germs on them and when we eat food or touch our mouth or eyes without properly washing our hands these germs get transmitted to our body, causing different types of illness, infections. Out of all the diseases related with bad hand hygiene diarrheal diseases are the most common and are the leading cause of premature deaths in the world. As per the studies, by practicing good hand hygiene the diarrheal disease can be reduced by 50 percent. Along with this washing one’s hands can reduce the risk of respiratory infection by 16 percent, while it can prevent the seasonal infection like viral fever and other flues up to a great extent.

According to UNICEF, the percentage of people following proper hand hygiene is very less in the world and India is no exception to it. Millions of people in India fall ill only due to bad sanitation practices, children especially ignore washing their hands as they are unaware about the importance of it. The most critical moments of washing hands is before eating food, touching his or hers mouth eye or nose.

In the recent times India has seen the outbreak of swine flue due to which thousands of people lost their lives. During the outbreak of the disease the government also emphasised on the importance of washing hands and maintaining proper hygiene to ensure that the disease does not spread more and it is also a fact that a lot of lives could have been saved if people had just paid attention to their hand hygiene practices.

As they say prevention is better than cure, it is important for the people to understand and embed good hygiene practices in daily life. The kids should be told the importance of washing their hands and the habits of good hygiene should be developed in them from a very early age.

By – Karan Pundir

Media and Communication Team| Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd.


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