Five reasons why you should use public transport in Delhi

You can save plenty of money– By using public transport you can actually save more than 50 percent of your monthly traveling expenses.

You can save plenty of time – In Delhi, if you want to travel fast you know that there is no good means of doing it than the Delhi metro. It’s cheaper, faster and safer than any other means of travel.

It is safer – Traveling in a bus is any-day much safer than taking your bike to work everyday, especially with all the rash drivers around.

It is less hectic – You just need to buy a ticket and let the driver handle the steering-wheel and save yourself from the torture of driving through a road flooded with vehicles.

Its good for the environment – On 22nd October, Delhi celebrated “No Car Day” and the pollution level dropped by 60 percent. So if you want to take a deep breath in Delhi leave your car and join fellow environmentalists in the initiative.

Compiled by – Media Team



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