The Delhi Metro Service

The Delhi Metro

The Delhi Metro network consists of a total of 200 trains covering a total distance of 69,000 kms every day. To put things into perspective, the earth’s total circumference is 40,075 kms!

From major areas in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida, Delhi Metro, a joint Indian, Japanese and Canadain collaboration has been serving the capital city of the nation since 2002. This project started on 1st October, 1998 by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) and since then has become the 12th largest metro system with regard to the length and also number of stations in the world.

With over 3 million people commuting every day, Delhi Metro has become an important part of people’s lives in the city. It has proved to be a convenient transport system, saving time and money. Fast, safe and affordable prices has swiftly placed it in most suitable and acknowledged transport medium of the city. Delhi Metro also ensures safety for women which has always been a cause of concern in the capital. Besides being fast and economical, the Delhi metro can also boast its superiority over any other public transport authority of the nation on the basis of cleanliness .

Like facets of a coin this marvelous architectural system also has its drawbacks. The metro during the peak hours is generally overcrowded which creates a hassle while traveling which also leads to incidents of purse/mobile snatching. Building and laying down metro networks in the city has been a challenge in a crowded place like Delhi as it causes congestions which causes traffic snarls on roads and also increasing the level of dust and pollution in the air.

Nevertheless, Delhi Metro has been a boon for people traveling within the city. Not only has it ensured less usage of private vehicles for transportation, it has given a new lifeline to the people of Delhi by ensuring reduction in traffic congestion. It also gives a comfortable ride home after a hard day at office.

-Shantanu Negi



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