Five things you can do this Diwali instead just burning firecrackers

Say no to crakers

Diwali is one of the widely celebrated festival in India. The festival is celebrated to mark the return of Lord Rama to his homeland after 14 years of exile. Also called the festival of lights, Diwali stands for lighting up the darkness and is celebrated with full enthusiasm throughout the country. The pleasant weather and the public holidays provide the perfect combination for the people to rejoice upon. Apart from the various fun filled activities that are performed on this day,burning crackers is on the top of the list which might cause menace. Here are five things which can make Diwali more pleasant for you and the environment:

1Spend more quality time with your parents – Life has become so busy that we barely have time to talk to even our parents. The festive season gives a time for leisure which should be spent in talking to your loved one’s instead of burning firecrackers on the roof.

2-Run a little Swaach Bharat campaign of your own – Diwali is all about cleaning and renovating your home while, burning crackers will only leave you with a pile of garbage and an awful smell of black powder on the next day. For a change along with your home try to clean up the streets as well. Call your friends and neighbours in the locality to join in for the good.

3-Somebody needs you – Become a family to those who don’t have one. Bring light over darkness. Go to an orphanage in the city, to spend time with the kids who don’t have families to celebrate Diwali . In the end you will feel more happy than burning thousands of rupees on fire crackers.

4-Plant a tree – Burning of firecrackers causes all kinds of pollutions like air, noise and land pollution. Instead of burning costly crackers, plant a tree which will eventually give you a shade in summer and a lot of rich oxygen to the environment.

5-Visit the old hangout places with your friends – Remember the friends with whom you used to hang around in the city and made countless memories. Leave your mobile and gadgets behind and relive those golden moments with your friends.

By – Karan Pundir

Media and Communication Team | Fiinovation


One thought on “Five things you can do this Diwali instead just burning firecrackers

  1. I strongly believe that in order to ensure that we continue to celebrate in the years to come, we have become sustainable now. If we continue to degrade the environment now then it will be too late. Some of the things that creates huge amount of pollution might have been OK in the previous years, but now things are different, the glaciers are melting, the air is full of smog and other pollutants, the rivers are similar to sewage drains. It is time we change course of our celebrations to ensure there is no harm to our motherland and its citizens.


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