Five mobile apps built for women safety


The mobile application sends your location to preset emergency number just by pressing the volume button of the phone. It can also dial 100 and send SMS even when there is no network in the area.

raksha app

Women Safety Secured

This application can recognizes shouting and crying voices and sends a SMS to your emergency contact with your location.


Nirbhaya : Be fearless

The user of the app can send SMS alert just by shaking the phone in case of an emergency. The user can send help alert by SOS message, phone call and Facebook post.


Being safe 

In a dangerous situation the user of the app can send her location to the the emergency number. It can also send help messages to other users of mobile application nearby.being safeIgoSafely

By activating this app one can send alerts to their contacts by shaking the phone or just by unplugging the headphone. The app sends your GPS location after regular intervals to your contacts.


Compiled by – Media Team



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