Delhi’s Odd-Even Formula – A new hope for a clean air

Delhi air pollution

Delhi’s Air Pollution has been in the news for the past few years as the worst in the world. The black smog that looms over the capital’s skies have raised serious concern among people. It is believed that despite Delhi having 20 percent of green cover, the Air its citizens breathe is equal to smoking 5 cigarettes a day. Delhi was in close competition with its Chinese counterpart to be among the most polluted cities. This year for the first time Beijing introduced a Red Alert for its citizens closing down schools, ban of cars and urged people to stay indoors during the peak days.

Delhi after waiting for years to take necessary steps to curb pollution, finally woke up to smoggy days again this year. Finally, understanding the criticality of the moment, the Delhi government along with National Green Tribunal is taking some significant steps to reduce air pollution in the state. From banning 10 year old trucks from entering Delhi, to increasing its green cover, there are a lot of efforts that has been put in. The recent move to restrict cars with odd and even numbered plates on alternate days is also a big measure taken to improve the air quality of Delhi.

It has been seen that these kind of experiments though create positive impact, however should be back by pull and push strategy after studying the city’s mobility data and providing adequate public transport, car pooling, increase in fuel taxes during peak hours etc. Cleaning of footpaths and having cycling lanes in campus areas in workplaces can be effective to reduce usage of cars in the city. Industrial estates must restrict usage of cars and encourage cycling or golf cars for transport.

Making the Janpath and Cannaught Place a car free zone will be brilliant idea. This kind of initiatives will support the cause and ensure less carbon emissions. Also, increasing green cover including horticulture along the roads will reduce the spread of dust particles in the air. Cleaning up of loose dusts from the streets is a good option. With all these efforts the people of Delhi might be able to breathe a better air if not fresh.

By – Rahul Choudhury

Media & Communications, Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt. Ltd


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