National Youth Day – Youth the force behind a strong Nation

Supreme value of youth period is incalculable and indescribable. Youth life is the most precious life. Youth is the best time. The way in which you utilize this period will decide the nature of coming years that lie ahead of you – Swami Vivekanand

The energy and passion of the youth is capable of doing anything. History is a witness that the youth has changed the shape of society and has revolutionized the world with its conviction and passion. In every field of the society and every part of the world the power and ideas of youth has changed the course of history from Bhagat Singh to Che Guevara who fought for social reform, from Sachin Tendulkar to Michael Schumacher who setup benchmark in the field of sports, from Steve Jobs to Sunder Pichai who have made a mark in technology development.

The youth holds the treasure of immense potential which can turn things around in a blink. When we talk about India we realize as one of the youngest nation in the world we have the much needed manpower and talent to become the number one economy in the world. But the question is why we still have not able to achieve the status despite the immense talent present among us? Today the youth is facing a number of problems which have become a barricade in their progress. Poverty, discrimination, unemployment and lack of educational facilities are few of the major concerns.

Poverty hampers the capabilities of the young ones and restrain their growth. Due to poverty most of the young people occupy their selves in trifle work to earn money for daily survival, leaving no space for self development and progress. Discrimination in the name of caste, gender and language create difficulties for the youth to walk on the path of development. Women especially has to face a lot of discrimination right from birth to equal eduction rights to equal job opportunities. Even after getting educational qualification and acquiring professional training people find it difficult to find jobs as per their qualification and skills.

One of the basic problem that 60 percent of our population is facing is the lack of proper educational facilities. Government schools rarely provide good education facilities to the children in comparison to private institution , who charges high fees which is not affordable for most of the population. The lackadaisical foundation at the primary level education leaves little scope for improvement at the higher level. While our rote based education systems leaves little opportunities for those who have innovative and unorthodox thinking. As a result majority of our intellect talent goes abroad for obtaining the education which gives more space for creativity and innovative thinking.

The youth can either break or make a nation, with 356 million population between the age of 10-24 India has the potential to make good use of its human resource. We need to channelize the energy of the youth towards building a strong nation for which we need to understand the problems faced by the young generation and solve them to create a positive impact on them.

By Karan Pundir

Media & Communications



3 thoughts on “National Youth Day – Youth the force behind a strong Nation

  1. Nice read!
    “Poverty, discrimination, unemployment and lack of educational facilities are few of the major concerns.”
    Population beats them all. If we get population growth under control, we can change things around. After all one can only be fed enough depending on how much remains!

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