Fiinovation Observes World Cancer Day

We Can. I Can.

Cancer is one of deadliest diseases in the world taking millions of lives each year. The increases in number of cases worldwide is a sign of unhealthy lifestyle that is being practiced around the world. The burden of cure and prevention is huge, especially in the developing and under-developed countries. Access to cancer care remain a sorry state of affair in almost all the countries in the world.

Putting an emphasis to curb this disease and raise awareness to prevent cancer deaths, the United Nations member states observe February 4th as World Cancer Day. The day was founded by Union for International Cancer Control, a membership based International NGO that exists to help global communities fight cancer. The organisation was founded in 1933 and has over 800 member organisations from 155 countries in the world.

World Cancer Day primarily aims at reducing illness and death caused by cancer by 2020. This year the theme is ‘WE CAN. I CAN.’, a three year campaign from 2016-18 that will explore how everyone – as a collective or as individuals – can do their part to reduce the global burden of cancer. Fiinovation understands that cancer deaths is a major concern for the healthcare industry in India with millions without proper access or finance to cancer care. It is has to be understood as a nation that cancer affects everyone in different ways, and people have the power to take several actions to reduce the impact that cancer has on society.

Therefore, World Cancer Day provides us with an opportunity to reflect on what we can do, making a pledge and taking action. As a organisation working in CSR, Fiinovation urges corporations to fund cancer care activities, so that more lives can be saved. Not only corporations, but we as individuals contribute through raising awareness and spreading information for early detection. It is believed that early detection can save many lives, however not many are aware of the symptoms of various types of cancer.

Here are the few key messages that would help combat cancer in the years to come:

We Can,

  • Inspire action, take action

  • Prevent cancer

  • Challenge perceptions

  • Create healthy environments

  • Improve access to cancer care

  • Build a quality cancer workforce

  • Mobilise our networks to drive progress

  • Shape policy change

  • Make the case for investing in cancer control

  • Work together for increased impact

I Can,

  • Make healthy lifestyle choices

  • Understand that early detection saves lives

  • Ask for support

  • Support others

  • Take control of my cancer journey

  • Love, and be loved

  • Be myself

  • Return to work

  • Share my story

  • Speak out

Your illness doesn’t define you, but your strength and courage does.

By Rahul Choudhury

Media & Communications, Fiinovation


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