Fiinovation Observes ZERO Discrimination Day

Fiinovation - Opportunity Solutions, Simplified.

Because of the lack of education on AIDS, discrimination, fear, panic, and lies surrounded me.” – Ryan White

There is a notion that if you believe something exists in society, it will continue to exist. Discrimination is a state of mind that continues to be present in society, irrespective of all the laws that protect the citizens from it. When asked by a reporter why it was important for Justin Trudeau to have a gender-equal cabinet, 15 men and 15 women, Trudeau shrugged: “Because it’s 2015.” The crowd cheered. But, do you think the world has been able to end any form of discrimination?

Millions of lives are still affected by discrimination across the world. Though its the right of everyone to lead a life with dignity regardless of age, gender, sexuality, nationality, ethnicity, skin colour, height, weight, profession, education, and beliefs, yet discrimination is rampant across the globe. What’s…

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