India – Ten Years From Now


Whenever we talk of something in future we try to create an imaginary vision of place which is similar to the developed countries. With everything being concrete, there are cars and buildings, bridges, public transportation, working class, metro stations, market places, parking lots, schools, hospitals, open spaces and entertainment hubs among others.

Well quite right! If at all, India becomes a developed country within this century, it is bound to have the basic amenities which are required to serve the basic necessities of the citizens.

Here are few things that Fiinovation believe India is expected to be for by 2025:

1. Most Populous

With a population of approximately 1.5 billion, India will be the most populous country in world. China will be the 2nd most populous country.


2. Continues to live in Villages

The father of the nation once said, India lives in her villages. Sad but true, India will continue to live in villages with only 40% of the population living in Urban areas.


3. Krishi Pradhan Desh

Though its share of GDP will shrink, yet Agriculture will remain the main source of livelihood with as much as 40% of people still dependent on it.


4. More Literate

Literacy in India will rise significantly to 80%. However, still one in every five adult will remain illiterate.


5. Hum Do Humare Do

The fertility rate — the number of children born to a woman — will fall just below two, making us a nation of “hum do, hamaare do” decades after the slogan was conceived.

family planning

By Rahul Choudhury

Media & Communications, Fiinovation


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