Top 10 Women Change makers in India – Fiinovation

Women are changing the world in every aspect and every country has its fair share of women leaders. Fiinovation highlights some of the top women change makers in India and they have indeed brought about a significant amount of change in the lives of others.

  1. Sabina Chopra: In an age where everywhere wants to travel hassle free and want all information at the click of a button, Sabina Chopra founded “Yatra”, the first of its kind online tourist guide and booking site that helped people travel with every information they needed, from flights to hotels.


  1. Pranshu Bhandari: Bhandari started Culture Alley with her husband Nishant Patni when they realized how cumbersome it can be for people to learn new language in an age of globalization, where they had to constantly move around.


  1. Chitra Gurnani: She created Thrillophilia with her husband Abhishek Daga, a site that is mostly aims to take people out of consumerism and help them enjoy activities in their holidays.


  1. Ashwini Ashokan: Technology can be fun and through Mad Street Den, Ashwini used artificial technology, taking it out of science fiction to something more relatable, like using it to track faces or emotions through a smart phone camera.


  1. Parul Gupta: She founded SlideRule, an innovative start up where people could find out about online education and higher education in a simple manner, and compare costs among various websites.


  1. Suchi Mukherjee: She started LimeRoad with the intention to break the stereotype that good clothes did not necessarily cost a lot of money and tried to make it available to the middle class woman.


  1. Richa Kaur: She realized that women often had to go through embarrassing situations to buy lingerie from a store and came up with Zivame, whose sole aim is to deliver undergarments in discreet packing and no branding.


  1. Aditi Gupta: In an age where young girls feel shy to talk about menstruation and are grossly misinformed, Menstrupedia was formed as a platform to give young girls correct information in a friendly manner.


  1. Tessy Thomas: One of the leading scientists to work at Defense Research and Development Organization, she had worked at the launch of Agni IV and is a source of information for many young scientists.


  1. Sumitra Mahajan: At 71, she is the Speaker of Lok Sabha and she had been done so eight times. She is an inspiration to the youngsters to be in politics with grace and poise.


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Written By – Rajdeep Arghya Biswas

Published By – Fiinovation


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