Anjarle Village (Maharashtra): The Environmental Network

Anjarle is a small village located 18 kms from Dapoli, a hamlet in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. Cool breeze, clean land and hanging ‘wakti fishes’ leads to the mystic beauty of the beach-village.

The estuary of river Jog welcomes the visitors with clayey sand. Climbers, shrubs and tall coconut trees form the intricate but naturally carved entry to the village. Each household in the village adorns wooden houses with thatch roofs and an extended home-garden. This surely lets you have the ‘Malgudi days’ moment’. Fruits, spice plants such as black pepper, nutmeg, betel nut, jackfruit, kokum, etc constitute these organized gardens. Interestingly, the eldest member of the family raises and looks after the trees and educates the children of the family on the same. Educating children about saplings and trees are an essential part of their upbringing. The inhabitants of the village strongly believe that involving children in looking after plants induce a feeling of belongingness among them. They understand that the practice has supported them in keeping the entire community in unanimity with environment. The village population understands and addressed to the needs of each tree individually. Over the years, this has been significant in carrying forward their ‘green legacy’ from one generation to another. Anjarle justifies the harmonious co-existence of society with the environment. The model also explains that involving children in such crucial issues helps them have affinity towards the environment. Thus, helps preserving the environment in the long run.

The economy here runs only on trade of spices and fruits grown and merely on tourism. However, in order to improve the standard of living of the inhabitants, Eco-tourism can be practiced. This shall help improve travel experience, safeguard natural environment and enhance the standard of living of inhabitants of the village. The environmentally-responsible cultural practices of Anjarle inspires other communities to replicate the model. This is a hidden treasure for explorers, wanderers and the community.

“Love nature and it loves you back!”

By – Aditi Singh

Innovative Financial Advisors Pvt Ltd


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