Go Wild for Life !

The surge in unfavourable trade practices of wildlife products has resulted in predicament against preservation of bio-diversity. It has affected our natural wildlife legacy that has led to the extinction of a number of species. Poaching and illegal trade of fauna products have hampered the  ecosystem which has also endangered the existence of many species.

Illegal practices, smuggling and slaughter of wildlife has resulted in a significant fall in the  population of various species, while in some, it has resulted in extinction.  Indian Pangolin (found in Gujarat, Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh), Gangetic Dolphins (habitats of Rivers – the Ganges and Brahmaputra), Red Panda, Phayre’s Leaf Monkey, Wild Ass (from the regions of Ladakh, Sikkim and Little Rann of Kutch in Gujarat); Snow Leopard (Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir), Chausingha (found in Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra) are a few such examples which  have been enlisted in  extinct wildlife species of India.

The government has taken stern measures against mal practices by enforcing legal action under the Wildlife Protection Action 1972. For the safegaurd of these animals,  the Government of India has set up 400 National Parks and 80 Sanctuaries till date with an aim to improve the ridiculed status of endangered species. It has also been working towards driving effective awareness campaigns to encourage people to take ‘one step at a time’ to save the wildlife heritage.

Fiinovation believes that a large number of wildlife species still remain at risk and their protection can only happen when everyone makes a collaborative efforts towards bringing about the change. Thus, it is necessary that every individual understands and respects wildlife and restrains from promoting trade of illegal wildlife products. Increasing awareness among the masses will also enforce the government to take appropriate actions against the outlaws.

The World Environment Day celebrated on 5th June every year to address environmental issues like deforestation, increasing global warming, marine pollution, rising crime against wildlife,etc.  Over the years, various initiatives have  persuaded the population to come forward for the agenda and has observed improvement in context to the devised revolution.

This year, 2016, the theme is on the illegal trade in wildlife which is being hosted by Angola, Africa under the slogan ‘Go Wild for Life’ for inspiring individuals to celebrate species which are under threat and safegaurd the species for our future generations. These may not only include species falling under threat inhibited in the woods, but also those which you see around your surroundings such as – the house sparrow. This year, let’s pledge to stand against trade of wildlife products and make a difference!


Each species is a masterpiece, a creation assembled with extreme care and genius.” -Edward O.Wilson

By – Aditi Singh

Media Team – Fiinovation



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