Fiinovation Suggests – Focus on Quality and Effectiveness

Fiinovation has been working with corporations as catalysts of change to influence CSR and Sustainability activities that creates positive impact on society. Being a CSR research organisation, Fiinovation has always focused on planning, partnership and engagement to bring about a societal change. The efforts are mostly directed towards brining in a tangible, viable and sustainable impact that will transform the lives of the communities.

Indian businesses have reached a stage where they look at corporate social responsibility as a perfect brand-building opportunity which not only retains talent but also positions the organisation as a driver of change. Fiinovation believes that the focus now needs to be shifted from the just being in the limelight to improving quality and effectiveness in the CSR initiatives. However, Fiinovation believes that this is not possible without the help of third party which can critically analyse the whole programme. Fiinovation offers services such as monitoring and evaluation, impact assessment and programme management which helps corporations build trust on society and solve critical issues.

Fiinovation has always been quite vocal of the fact that CSR initiatives shouldn’t be measured by the contribution amount or by the percentage of work being done rather it should focus on the impact and effectiveness of the programme. There should be increased efforts to improve the quality Fiinovation helps corporations to analyse the initiative from start-to-end so that the targeted communities benefits from these CSR projects. The challenge is stay relevant to the cause as there are high chances that what the corporation thinks of CSR, may not necessarily benefit the communities.

There are many examples for initiatives which actually went wrong. Fiinovation recommends the corporations to consult the experts before investing even a single penny. There are many activities which are taken up without proper objectives, these are just reflection of the short-sightedness of the corporations. At the end, it can be said that the CSR law is good but the corporations should be able to create positive impact on society.

Let’s hope that with the right CSR strategy at place, the corporations will be able to lend prestige to the brand, motivate its talented pool of employees and also encourage loyalty of the consumers.

By Rahul Choudhury

Media & Communications, Fiinovation


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