World Youth Skills Day 2016

Development of skills among youth plays a vital role for the growth of the economy. It not only reduces poverty, but also better equips the youth to find decent employment. This process triggers empowerment and enhances self-esteem among the marginalised people which benefits the entire society. As per the United Nations, in 2013 world-wide 74.5 million people in the world were unemployed with majority of them living in developing countries. Another concerning issue is that 125 million people are working but still living in extreme poverty.

Understanding the importance of skill development, Sri Lanka proposed the World Youth Skills Day which was adopted by the 69th session of the General Assembly on 18 December 2014. The resolution invites all UN member states and other organisations to commemorate 15th July as World Youth Skills Day through education, campaigns, volunteering and public awareness activities. Fiinovation strongly believes that skill development capacitate youth to address challenges such as poverty, injustice and environmental degradation.

In India, skill development has been pushed both by the corporations and the government. India has also setup the National Skill Development Corporation to create, fund and enable support systems required for development of skills. Last year on the occasion of the first World Youth Skills Day 2015, the Indian Prime Minister launched the Skill India Mission to ensure that India becomes the global hub for skilled manpower. The mission is not restricted to skills and the government have also linked entrepreneurship to it. The government aims to skill nearly 400 million youth in the next few years and also supply surplus manpower of 40-50 million to tackle global challenges. India is currently enjoying a demographic dividend which is likely to remain till 2040. It is time when the youth needs to engage in activities which will spur economic growth.

The government of India has also urged the corporations to contribute towards skill development activities. Over the years, Fiinovation has engaged with corporations in conducting several skill development initiatives across the country. These initiatives majorly includes development of vocational skills, providing amenities to educational centres, development of adequate infrastructure for skill development trainings, providing financial support etc. Hence, it is important to harness the demographic dividend of the country before time runs out. The enormity of the skill development challenges in India can be understood from the fact that the process caters multiple sectors and requires involvement of diverse stakeholders. Planned engagements both by governments and corporations will help to overcome the skill shortages of India.

Skill Development is not filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. – Anonymous

By – Rahul Choudhury

Media & Communications, Fiinovation


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    will have possible for any Donation from CSR Fund for the bellow Poverty Line Familis for Better studies if any Fund please call back me as well as we have 35AC 80G, 12A A , and having FCRA of our rwng Song sama welfare Society please !

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