Fiinovation Reviews – How Monsoons Threatens Chikungunya and Dengue Outbreaks

Every year India suffers from outbreak of diseases during the monsoon season. The burden of diseases and outbreaks is quite high on the common citizens. The healthcare facilities are often unable to save several lives across the country. Unplanned development in urban and peri-urban areas generally leads to water logging which becomes the breeding grounds of deadly diseases.

Fiinovation reviews that looking at the flood situation and heavy rains, the central government has already issued alerts to endemic states which include Delhi and West Bengal. These states have high chance of increase in chikungunya and dengue cases over the next two months. The central government has urged the states to take preventive measures and stay prepared for any kind of outbreak.

Several diseases in the monsoon season have claimed many lives in the last few years. The national capital is facing the problem of dengue and chikungunya despite taking preventive actions. Fiinovation reviews that ministry officials suggests that preparations of outbreaks have started from January onwards this year. Yet, Delhi has already witnessed cases of chikungunya and dengue. As per the government, there is close watch on the medical facilities such as availability of kits, training of staff, bed strength, etc. to counter any kind of outbreaks.

Fiinovation reviews that the Health Minister JP Nadda had suggested that India needs to emphasize on the need of ‘symptomatic’ treatment. Apart from this, the municipal bodies across the country have been advised to maintain cleanliness and ensure there is no stagnation of water. Fiinovation urges the corporations, especially from the pharma industry to increase their efforts towards prevention and cure of diseases. The CSR contributions from such companies whose business goals are already aligned with the social objectives can become big game changers in health sector.

Although, there is a need for comprehensive efforts and all the industries should encourage prevention of diseases. Fiinovation analysed the official data and found that 41% of mosquito breeding takes place at the construction sites where water is generally stored in open drums and containers. It is understandable that in situations like this there needs to be active search of places which are breeding grounds of mosquitoes. In the last one year more than one lac cases of dengue had been recorded across the country.

Fiinovation believes that with the support of corporations the state governments will be able to control the disease before it turns out to be epidemic. Therefore, let us hope several companies contribute their CSR funds towards handling diseases and outbreaks.

By – Rahul Choudhury

Media & Communications



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