A report by Times Of India reveals that currently India boasting the population of 1.2 billion face the annual blood shortage of 3 million units which causes millions of deaths. The report highlights that since the shelf-life of donated blood is around 35-42 days only, hence, there is a constant need of replenishing the stocks in blood banks of the country.

As per Anju Verma, Chief Medical Officer, Rotary Blood Bank, blood shortage problem can be easily addressed if only 2 percent of Indians start donating blood because one percent of eligible donors are currently donating. Fiinovation also feels that since the donors lie between the wide age group of 18-65 years and our country has more than 50% of its population below the age of 25 and more than 65% below the age of 35, the chances of larger number of healthy donors becomes high.

As per the 2012 WHO report, only 9 million units of blood are collected in India annually wherein there is a need for 12 million units. The Delhi/NCR region alone faces an annual shortage of 10,000 units per year causing deaths and affecting lives. Deaths caused due to shortage of blood is also one of the reasons of declining health index of the country.

As per the available statistics, every year India registers around 234 million major operations, 63 million trauma-induced surgeries, 31 million cancer-related procedures, disorder cases like sickle cell anemia, thalassemia and haemophilia, 10 million cases related to pregnancy complications and the emergency cases of accidents, viral fevers like chikungunya, dengue etc. requiring blood transfusions and blood platelets. As per WHO, the developing countries have high rate of maternal and newborn mortality rates from which around 31 percent of these deaths are caused due to blood loss.

The issue of blood shortage is due to the lack of Voluntary Blood Donors (VBD) and has been on rise in states such as West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Chandigarh and Gujarat as the majority of the blood donors are either family VBD or replacement blood donors. Fiinovation feels that to improve the situation, the awareness campaigns regarding the importance of VBD should be spread to ensure sustainable blood supply in such states.

Another issue echoed by health experts is the deficiency of blood during an emergency case and in such cases one has to rely on professional donors who are regular donors and it is a risky situation since they may be non-available due to health conditions or any other situations. Hence the situation demands to conduct blood donation campaigns raising awareness as well as voluntarily contribute towards the noble cause and support the government in improving the health condition of the country.

Understanding the gravity of the matter that every two seconds someone needs blood, Fiinovation has been contributing towards this noble cause by organizing blood donation campaign inviting volunteers from the nearby areas to donate blood. This year too, Fiinovation has tied up with AIIMS as its official blood bank partner to ensure they can help in saving few lives and also urges corporates to conduct such activities in their premises spreading awareness about the importance of blood donation.

Fiinovation also urges the corporations to conduct blood donation camps as a part of their CSR initiatives and also establish blood banks in rural areas.

By – Manisha Bhatia

Media & Communications – Fiinovation

Join the Fiinovation 4th Annual Blood Donation Camp 2016.

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