Delhi Reforms – Making Delhi a World Class City

Delhi Reforms – Making Delhi a World Class City

Delhi Reforms – Making Delhi a World Class City

It has been more than 100 years since Delhi became the capital of India. Being a historic city that dates back to being capital of many empires, it has its own charm and all the potential to become a world class city. Ruling this country via this historic city has been a wish of many and if I get the glorious chance to serve this land as the Chief Minister, it will surely be an honour.

Being the capital of India, the people of Delhi has high hopes and want to see Delhi at par with the best cities in the world. In the recent elections, it was a tri-party fight that ensured victory for Aam Aadmi Party that won by a huge mandate. The election showed that people of Delhi wants to see inclusive development, women safety, zero corruption and world class facilities and infrastructure.

If I become the Chief Minister of the State, my major focus would be on making the state a sustainable one and would christen the campaign ‘Developed Delhi, Sustainable Delhi’. My five main agendas for development would be Safety, Water, Energy, Infrastructure and Employment. Apart from seeking full statehood for Delhi from the Union Government, women safety will be a priority for me. Women safety issues will be addressed by increasing the number of women police officials, opening fast track courts to address women issues, increasing public transport for women, especially at night, installation of CCTV cameras along with surveillance through drones and increased patrolling of women police.

My next two priorities would be water and energy. For water, I would keep my focus on launching initiatives that focus on rain water harvesting and ground water recharge. These schemes will be integrated in such a way that the water harvested by households can be supplied to the Delhi Jal Board for distribution, attracting taxation benefits. The people of Delhi should understand that there is scarce water available and if some political party promises to provide free water (700 litres), a day will come when there will be no water. Water needs to be managed sustainably. This needs constructive efforts from all the individuals starting from reduction in wastage. Energy requirements of Delhi are huge, especially during summers. Major focus on renewable energy generation is the need of the hour. Promotion of renewable energy at household level will help reduce the energy crisis apart from encouraging investment from private players. On a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model, the entire street lighting systems can be changed. A fine example of this is Phillips that is helping reduce energy consumption by 40% in Madrid, Spain. Connecting 35 lakh households with LED bulbs will reduce the energy consumption.

Public infrastructure needs to be improved in order to ensure Delhi citizens get a world class experience. Apart from public transport services, e-rickshaws and women only auto-rickshaws can help public transport. Tramways need to be introduced in many parts of the Delhi connecting the metro-stations with other parts of Delhi. Dedicated tracks for rapid bus transit systems need to be established for faster and safer public transport. Apart from public transport infrastructure, healthcare infrastructure needs to be improved as well. New multi-disciplinary hospitals needs to be opened at various places in Delhi. These hospitals will not only help the people of Delhi but others who visit Delhi for healthcare services.

My final priority would be creation of employment and business opportunities. Providing vocational skills and assistance for entrepreneurship development would help the people of Delhi to engage in income generation activities. Easing the procedures and compliances for new startups will motivate people to create jobs rather than finding one. In order to have inclusive growth, women entrepreneurship through co-operatives and social enterprises should be focused upon. Finally in the rural areas connecting MNREGA with improving the green cover of the city would help improve the air quality of the city.

I believe these efforts will be constructive and provide momentum towards making Delhi a world class city. Other smaller agendas that I feel should be focused on are stronger broadband connectivity, parking facilities, labour reforms, promotion of tourism, beautification of Delhi and cleaning of Yamuna among others.

I hope with all these reforms I would be able to do justice with the responsibility bestowed upon me of being the Chief Minister of the State.

By Rahul Choudhury

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