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Fiinovation – India has been seen so many lives lost due to communal violence, even after the government taking stringent action against violators of peace. India is a diverse country with so many religions, languages, cultures, faiths etc. Difference of ideology, thoughts and beliefs has led to riots more often than not. Sardar Patel the Iron man of India, united the country together and made this one nation. We Indians should value his contribution and live in peace and harmony. As the country continues to grow despite of these small hindrances that keep occurring from time to time reminding us that the path of violence will not leave a legacy of peace, prosperity and growth for the future generations.

Fiinovation is research based organization working for NGOs in developing projects that are being implemented across the country. The objective is to eradicate poverty and work for development of marginalized sections of the society. Fiinovation understands that development of a place cannot happen in isolation. It is important to target each and every community in a given area and involve all the communities in the development agenda to work together for the common goal. Solidarity is one of the human values that should be kept intact and should underlie relation between individuals.

All the development goals that are to be achieved couldn’t be done by a single person or nation’s contribution. All of them are shared responsibility and everyone should participate for the betterment of everyone. Solidarity is the key to bridge the gaps of the development goals and reduce the number of people affected by poverty, malnutrition, diseases etc. Every individual has a role to play in overcoming the economic, political and social challenges and work towards sustainable future of all. All the costs related to developmental issues and all the benefits should be shared among all. Government and other related to providing security to the people should make sure that there is social justice and peace is been maintained at all level. Unrest at any part of the world can affect harmony of another part of the world, we are connected in such way today.

Together we can maintain Peace and Solidarity in the world.

Together we can maintain Peace and Solidarity in the world.

Together we can maintain Peace and Solidarity in the world.

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16 thoughts on “Fiinovation – Keeping Human Solidarity Intact – Fiinovation

  1. Joyita Bhattacharya Pathak says:

    Wonder why the world doesn’t stay or live in peace….because its boring.Human mind seeks thrill and violence to keep life interesting.Then there are economic interests which keep countries at war.So among all this chaos where does solidarity fit in? It can fit in the minds of individuals.Individuals who make a nation. Its a choice ,its a path. to follow the path is our choice.


  2. Abira says:

    Solidarity among people despite of any difference of religion, region would help in socio-economic development. Social evils like casteism, dowry, bribery, corruption etc. can be abolished. Moreover through solidarity: ” Many in body one in mind” concept can one conserve environment and bring about sustainable development.


  3. Suhail Haque says:

    “Let each of us lead a revolution of support in the lives of others.” Bryant Mcgill.

    A free economy and strong communities should honor the dignity of every person, rewarding effort with justice, promoting upward mobility, and building solidarity among citizens.


  4. Ujjwal says:

    Peace, harmony and solidarity is the base of any civilized society. India is a nation comprising of people from different religion, caste, sect, language and are often misguided for ill political intentions. We as a citizen needs to understand that development is only possible when the country develops.


  5. kaif siddiqui says:

    Solidarity is the humanity that we all must have to serve, it is our responsibility for each and every one whether he is different in caste, colour and religion etc. As well as we have to ignore violence and accept peace and unity.


  6. Kumar Anshuman says:

    We Indians never denied the importance and usefulness of solidarity. Rather, we are the only country which advocated solidarity since time immemorial. The Vedas and Upanishads have been the witness to it. We have been always believed in ” सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः। सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः.”

    As a nation, we always considered solidarity as critical and at the same time made it point that we do not bow down before oppressive forces. But, we never supported violence as the means to stand against oppressive forces. Also, we have always advocated equality of status, rights, believe and worship.


  7. esther kiarish bella says:

    hi everyone plz don’t take me wrong coz i was suppose to write down ” true solidarity is possible among the solidarity” but by mistake i put the word solitary………;)


  8. Anand Kumar says:

    Many global challenges such as human rights violations, global poverty, have persisted because of the gaps that exist in communities, countries, and in international policy frameworks, which allow the world’s most vulnerable people to fall through the cracks.
    International solidarity is the bridge across these gaps in understanding, action and accountability. It is an positive collective action among our communities, governments and international policy-makers, to ensure that the world moves forward together as one.


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